JSWB09 autumn furniture industry will change face from imitation to design

Recently, at the JSWB2009 Autumn Furniture Purchasing Conference held by Jizhou Weibang Furniture Purchasing Center in Weizhou, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, 7 designers from different fields selected 28 awards for the best product design awards for 168 furniture brands. . It is reported that this is the first time that a furniture store has set up its own design exhibition, and its scale is equivalent to the "Oscar" of the furniture industry. China's furniture industry has moved from simply imitating the country of furniture to slowly developing its focus on product development and design. The furniture design exhibition also pushed the original design of Chinese furniture to a new peak. Judges: Designers and fashionists The judges of this awards team include 1 product designer, 1 interior designer, 1 architect, 1 international media editor, 1 domestic fashion home media editor and 2 industry professionals. name. This most professional and impartial team of judges includes Professor Zhang Haiwen, Director of the Industrial Design Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Ouyang Yingxi, a famous Hong Kong home design critics, Rem D·Koolhaas, a famous Dutch architect, and Ishikawa, a senior industrial designer. Chinese architectural designer Peng Bo, French graphic and space decoration designer Pierre Picard and senior interior designer Xu Lijun. The design exhibition finally selected 28 award-winning works, including the Best Booth Design Award, the Best Product Design Award, and the Best Exhibition Matching Award. Standard: Environmental protection is still the focus of the selection requirements for the best booth design awards, and urges exhibitors to have detailed requirements in five aspects: function setting, product display, visual design, display safety and material environmental protection. The winner of one of the best booth design awards was a one-time subsidy of 200 yuan/m2, 3 of the best booth design nominations, and a one-time subsidy of 80 yuan/m2. The Best Product Design Award is the most valuable and original award in this selection. It is divided into bedroom series, software series, youth series, outdoor series, living room series and restaurant series. All kinds of furniture products are required to fully meet the requirements of design innovation, material environmental protection, exquisite workmanship, etc.; the design requires unique originality or innovation; requires the exquisite craftsmanship of materials, structure, function and technology; Designed with product added value and cultural added value. In the end, a total of 6 gold awards and 15 nominations were awarded. Gold winners each received 100,000 yuan of advertising feedback, and all nominated products can be jointly promoted. Significance: The first opening of the store design exhibition in the first JSWB furniture procurement meeting selection, 168 participating brands have come up with the most representative of the design level and manufacturing standards, especially a lot of participating products have a unique design awareness, Fully reflects the energy of original design of Chinese furniture. Some designers pointed out that China is already an indisputable global furniture manufacturing country. After time and capital accumulation, more and more enterprises have begun to focus on product development and design. China will no longer rely on the imitation of plagiarism of low-cost exports of furniture, but a country with independent intellectual property rights, original design capabilities, and the right to speak internationally. Professor Zhang Haiwen, director of the Industrial Design Department of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, who is working as a judge, said that Jisheng Weibang aims to make this selection campaign an "Oscar" in the Chinese furniture industry, making it the most authoritative and professional furniture design platform in China. Ouyang Yingxi, a Hong Kong-based home design judge, said, “This is a comprehensive experience-based home pavilion that concentrates on high-end products. It is rare in the world. It is not easy to have such a platform.” French flat and space decoration Designer Pierre Picard also sighed to reporters: a space that accommodates so many different styles of home products is very interesting, and the ingenious blending of different styles of home products in the pavilion is even more amazing.

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