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Magnetic pump in operation Notes are as follows: Magnetic pump series can be divided into CQ stainless steel magnetic drive pump, CQB-F fluorine plastic magnetic pump, CWB magnetic vortex pump and so on. Today's latest valid order information free to send! Morning latest buyers information free to send! Punch grab Rob here! a Note that the suction side of the filter before and after the pressure difference, the pressure difference increases, said the filter blockage of foreign matter, to stop the pump operation, in order to clean the strainer pipe pump. b Emissions, discharge pressure is in line with the provisions of; c with or without abnormal sound and vibration, if abnormal sound or vibration, the general situation of cavitation or bearing excessive wear. e whether the pump cavitation occurred: the pump outlet valve open, when the flow rate reaches a certain amount, the sudden sound and vibration emitted, then continue to the big valve, if the flow rate is still increased, indicating cavitation. Cavitation should be carried out when the exhaust operation. Caution: The magnetic pump must not operate under cavitation. If it continues to operate in this condition, it will cause early wear of the bearing. f Whether the current value of the motor exceeds the rated current. g parts of the pump temperature abnormalities without abnormal conditions. h Nitrogen pressure regulator system pressure should be maintained within the specified range.

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