Summit tiles: decoration building materials or buy big brands!

Summit tiles: decoration building materials or buy big brands!

In today's home building materials industry, products that look exactly the same are everywhere. China's home building materials are a big copy. Do you think everyone will look different? We have a new model in our store today, and tomorrow you will find the exact same model in other small stores. At this point, many small brands perform best.

It looks the same under the appearance, but the price is high or low. Therefore, this price difference has made the psychological defense line of many savvy owners unable to break into the army, one after another.

Many of the owners ’friends who are good at financial management have spoken. Others are the same as you. He only sells 5,000, but you want to sell 8000. That is to say, your brand is better. I also admit that you are not more expensive than others.

Don't be silly. I can tell you an industry fact: if you sell 5000, maybe the cost is only 1,000, and if you sell 8000, the cost may be 5000. This is the part you can't see or touch. Excuse me, who is profiteering? Who earns you more earns less?

You just want to ask why you sell 8000, and never question the one who sells 5000, and why do you only sell 5000. Because it's probably asking like this, it would seem silly. In fact, if you ask more, you are more responsible for yourself.

Let me tell you more details:

Among the chaotic small brands and small factory products, there are many brands that mark the cost of 1 yuan to 10, and then give you a 50% discount. The cost of the brand of a regular big factory may be 5 yuan, the price is 10 yuan, and you will be offered a 30% discount. Of course, you think that the 30% discount is expensive, and it is unreasonably expensive. At this moment, the really unreasonable one hid aside and laughed.

If you cannot distinguish or you cannot ask a professional to help you distinguish, I suggest you with years of shallow experience, choose the products of big factories and big brands. why?

1. Large brands are subject to strong supervision by national and municipal departments, and market supervision is strong:

To give a simple example: Do you think Summit tiles attract more attention in every move, or are unknown tiles in anonymous stores more concerned? Whoever is concerned, the quality of the product is more transparent, and the consumer is more at ease. This is truth, you have to believe. Where can those small workshops and small factories be supervised?

Is a big star having a greater negative impact, or a small star having a greater negative impact, who cares more about the negative? Whoever cares more, whoever you buy is more at ease, he is afraid of negative!

2. Big brands will only reduce production costs through large-scale production and refined enterprise management. Cutting corners and abusing inferior materials to reduce costs is a common practice of small brands.

A brand with 2,000 specialty stores nationwide purchases a batch of ceramic tile raw materials, and an enterprise with only 10 stores and 100 stores purchases raw materials. Who would buy cheaper? Of course, bulk purchases.

So why are the tiles in only 100 stores even cheaper than the tiles in 2000 stores? why? Let us not be too thorough. In addition to the main raw materials, what about accessories?

3. Is the extra money you spend on big brands enough to keep you from paying? Put your economy into financial crisis?

will not. As long as it is not, you can boldly choose big factories and big brands. How long does a house live? Perhaps you retreat to the next few thousand yuan, 20,000 yuan, tens of thousands of yuan, which will make your entire decoration fall into disrepair. Our media interviewed and reported numerous such customers. When you regret "should buy a little better", your money has been completely wasted 100%.

As for those customers who spend millions of fittings on product quality problems, I really don't know what psychology is driving you to such a result.

4. Consumers' requirements for home building materials are 100 grades lower than those for their surroundings. You can appropriately wake up:

100 yuan per barrel of milk powder and 1,000 yuan per barrel of milk powder, if you can pay, you will definitely choose 1,000 yuan. Because you know very well how much money your child can't afford. For a 2,000-cell phone, and a 6,000-cell phone, you can pay or you ca n’t pay, you have to buy 6000, because you have the most basic face psychology in addition to the function.

And these good self-requests are put on home building materials, and there is no trace. But do n’t the children live at home? Is the service life of home building materials shorter than a mobile phone? Sometimes watching consumers be fooled by unhealthy small brands, it is really a sympathy that mourns its misfortune and anger.

5. Taking advantage is our consumption psychology, we all like it, but remember not to be too greedy.

We can take advantage of it, which is naturally the best thing. Some brands must be cheap. However, if you cut a product until you steal it and cut it to the bottom line, the other party will sell it to you. Such a brand, please turn your head away and don't buy it. A product with no principle in terms of price generally has no principle in terms of product quality.

What kind of tiles are good tiles?

After seeing the nine different production processes of Summit tiles, you will know--

1. The raw materials are different
With the same equipment and the same process, why are the products made different? The answer is that the raw materials used are not the same, only good materials can make good products. The impurity content in the raw materials of ceramic tiles will greatly affect the quality of ceramic tiles. At present, the best porcelain clay in China is produced in the hilly area of ​​southern China.
2. The press is different
The size of the press cannot determine the quality of the bricks made, but with a large-tonnage press, products that cannot be produced by small-tonnage presses can be made. For example, a small-tonnage press cannot make large bricks like 800X1600mm. The tonnage of presses on the market now ranges from 200-7200 tons. The tonnage of presses directly determines the density and hardness of ceramic tiles.
3. The production line is different
A good ceramic tile factory has a relatively advanced, fully automated, and modern production line. An ordinary factory is a semi-automatic production line that is manually operated by workers. The quality of ceramic tiles is based on lean production and control. Only the most advanced production lines can produce the best quality products. Good equipment and good production lines are the guarantee for producing good products.
4. Ball grinding is not the same
The quality of the ball mill, the speed of the ball mill and the time of the ball mill directly affect the density, wear resistance and anti-fouling ability of the ceramic tile. Good ceramic tile manufacturers use large-tonnage ball mills, through long-term ball milling of wear-resistant alumina ball stones, to ensure that the coarse particles in the raw materials become finer and more uniform, even reaching only 1/3 of the hair hair. degree. The ordinary ceramic tile production plant uses small-tonnage ball mills and low-aluminum ball eggs. In order to save production costs and greatly reduce the ball milling time, although the prices on the market are low, there are great hidden dangers.
5. Not the same except iron
Good ceramic tile factory adopts high magnetic electromagnetic rod to absorb iron filings, the iron content is less than 0.1%, to ensure that the green body after firing has no black impurities, and the brick body is pure. Ordinary manufacturers use ordinary magnetic rods to remove iron. The iron content is high, and black spots are likely to appear on the surface of the fired ceramic tiles.
6. Outdated
After the iron is removed by ball milling and sieving, it takes a period of staleness to allow the various impurities and chemical components in the raw materials to fully react to meet the production standards. A powerful ceramic tile manufacturer, each time the raw materials can reach more than 1,000 tons, and can store more than 180 days of inventory. The aging of raw materials needs to consume a large amount of material and financial resources of enterprises. In order to save costs and increase yields, general enterprises will greatly shorten the aging time.
7. Drying kiln is different
The length of the drying kiln determines how dry the tiles are. For example, the horizontal roller drying kiln adopted by a good factory can not only meet the drying speed of the green body, but also discharge the water content of the brick from the inside to the outside, so that the moisture content is less than 0.5%, and there will be no deformation during firing. The most important thing is that humanized settings can greatly improve the working conditions of workshop workers.
8. Different firing time
The length of the ceramic tile firing time has a great impact on the quality of the ceramic tile. If the time is short, the ceramic tile will not burn through. We often see black hearts in the middle of the brick embryo, which is the reason why it does not burn through. For example: the same 320-meter-long kiln, the output of a good factory may be only one-third of that of an ordinary factory, because the firing time of a good factory is particularly long. 800 * 800mm vitrified bricks need to be fired for 70 minutes, while ordinary factories only have 40-50 minutes. The extension of the firing time ensures that the brick body is completely porcelainized, as dense as a porcelain bowl, with high hardness and wear resistance!
9. The inspection is different
Every brick in the factory has passed two points: machine inspection and manual inspection. Strict inspection of size, specifications, color difference. The national standards are the same, but the internal control standards of each factory are different. Good internal control standards are strict, and ordinary internal control standards are relatively loose.

You should understand it when you see this!

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