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[Asia Pump Network News] Francis pump is between the centrifugal pump and axial pump of a pump. Then the main technical parameters of the mixed flow pump What are the reference to the purchase of mixed flow pump technology? Then Xiaobian reveal the technical standards for mixed flow pump, I hope for your help! Buy mixed-flow pump strategy: Mixed-flow pump technical standards Mixed flow pump technical standards GB / T "mixed flow pump, axial flow pump conditions" GB 3216-89 "centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump and vortex pump test method" GB / T "centrifugal pump, Mixed flow pump and axial flow pump hydraulic performance test "GB / T" industrial centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump and vortex pump system economic operation "to read: Pump and valve pipe fittings exhibition information 2016 exhibition information industry Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: Li Juan (QQ / WeChat :) (Service Hotline:)

1. Technical standard: BS EN 10202, DIN EN 10203, GB/T2520 , JIS G3303
2. Steel type: MR, SPCC
3. Thickness: 0.115 - 0.50 mm
4. Width:  600 - 1050 mm
5. Length: 600-1200mm
Tin Coating: ordinary 2.8 or 2.8g and 5.6g or 5.6g, we can produce according to customer's requests
Excellent barrier property. Double pin hole dectecters during production, can 100% avoid pin hole defects.

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