How to lower the height of the elevator lift?

How to lower the height of the elevator lift?
Blackouts are common problems in life and often cause problems for people. Such as lifting the freight elevator. Due to the use of a motor for the lift elevators, it is impractical to leave the electricity. In particular, in the event of a power outage in the context of a manned payload, we are often at a loss, and accidents can occur if we do not handle it properly. Many customers do not know how to solve this problem when manufacturing equipment and to prevent this accident from happening, and to add protective devices to the equipment in advance. Then we, Jinan Zhenyang Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd., will introduce how to lower the lift under power outage.
1. When the elevator lifts its power in the rising state, it stops in its original position and does not fall. This is also a protection in itself, in order to prevent the rapid fall of the lifting platform due to an accident.
2. However, if there is a human or cargo load, the power failure will occur. What people and I can't get up in space. For this reason, we added a manual pressure relief valve at the time of design to prevent this from happening. Of course, this button can also be used if there is a button failure during use. Normally, this button is next to the hydraulic tank, because different models are not in the same position. If you do not understand, you can call us for more information.
With this protection, the danger of the lift will be greatly reduced. So everyone can read this information to avoid panic in the event of an accident

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