Explanation of the new house collection process

The handover of the new home is a pleasure for all the other owners, but the carelessness of the collection is likely to make the owner usher in a life that is not beautiful, and is caught up in endless struggles with the developer or the property. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious and understand each link. Matters needing attention can help you to get the keys to the house smoothly, eliminating the troubles tangled with the developer or the property.

New house closing steps:

1. The developer on the day of collection will first confirm the entire collection process with the owner, and the developer and property will check the owners' materials.

2. When verifying the owner's materials, the developer will provide the owner with the "Dwelling Operation Manual", "Residential Quality Assurance Certificate", "Construction Project Quality Certification", "Comprehensive Acceptance Certificate of Real Estate Development and Construction Project Completion," and "Completion Acceptance Record Form" In addition, there are a variety of acceptance related forms: "household inspection room transfer table", "building acceptance record" and so on.

3, the following owners into the room to start home inspection, inspection is the most important part of the housing, housing all issues must be proposed at this time, and then reached an agreement with the developer to solve the housing problem, through the agreement agreed time to solve the problem, can not be Resolving within 15 days must be bound by a written agreement.

4. After the house is completed, the developer will give the owner “measured area survey report”, that is, the actual measured area of ​​the house. Compared with the contract, the measured area is more than 3% or less than 3%. The developer should refund money according to area. The owner added money, the developer settled the breach of contract, the owner paid the money after taking the house and got the key, and signed the “Receipt of the House Key”.

5. The owner and the property company sign the property agreement and pay the property fee. The industry mainly collects the invoice or pays the receipt for the property fee.

6, the next owner can apply for a certificate of title, and usually take the house after 3 months can handle. If the owner commissions the developer to apply for the property right certificate, the developer will collect the deed tax and house property registration fee. If not, the owner will need to apply for the property ownership certificate. It is very likely that there will be agency fees for property ownership licenses issued by developers. Owners can ask for their own.

7. In the end, the owner signed the "Check-in Transfer Order."

New homes need to pay attention to what?

1. It is recommended that the owners do not collect houses during the notice period of the developers. Usually, there are a lot of people who pick up the houses during that time. It is very difficult for the clerk accompanying the house-clearing and house inspection to be patience and meticulous in accompanying the house inspections. The third day and the fourth day to collect the house.

2. The "Residential Quality Assurance Certificate", "House Use Instruction", "Completion Acceptance Record Form", "Pipeline Distribution Assurance Drawing", and "Area Measurement Form" can be viewed in the property department, including "Residential Quality Guarantee" and "Residential Use "The specification", "Completion Acceptance Record Form" and "Pipeline Distribution As-built Drawing" can be taken away. The first three must be originals and must not be a copy.

3. How does the measured area relate to the problem of overpayment and lessening of the housing payment, and it is necessary to check whether the actual unit type is the same as the type of the contractual drawings. The actual measured area is actually measured by the real estate department, and within 3% of the error, there is no need to pay more than Less fill.

4, this need to remind the majority of owners, and now some developers will be arbitrarily require the owners to pay property fees and other fees before repossession, not allowed to first housing, the State Construction Commission provides the owners have the right to collect fees after the payment.

5. When you pick up the keys from the property office, remember to confirm that all the keys are complete.

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PU Sandwich Panel

PU sandwich panel is short for Polyurethane sandwich panel.

PU sandwich panel is generally used in the outer layer of the roof of the building. PU sandwich panel has good heat insulation and sound insulation, and the polyurethane does not assist the fire, which is in line with the fire safety.

The features of PU sandwich panel:

1. Fire proof Rating

2. good in heat insulate

3. Low water absorption

4. Light in weight

5. Good anti-corrosion

6. Environment friendly

Description of PU sandwich panel:

Structure: Top is PPGI steel sheet, Core is PU board, Bottom is PPGI steel sheet.

The thickness of steel sheet: 0.3-0.8mm

The thickness of core: 50/75/100/150/200mm

Color: White, blue, red or according to your requirement

Destiny of EPS:40kg

Length: According to customer`s requirement

Effective width: roof and wall are 1000mm

Packing: Plastic packing and nude in the container or according to your requirement.

Payment term: T/T, L/C, Western Union

PU Sandwich Panels


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