New Chinese style becomes the mainstream in solid wood furniture

With the advancement of society, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, and environmentally-friendly solid wood furniture has gradually become the protagonist of the market. Solid wood furniture is deeply loved by consumers because of its natural environmental protection, durability, sound insulation and many other advantages. In the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, four solid wood furniture pavilions were crowded, which further proved the popularity of solid wood furniture.

The new Chinese style is highly sought after. Whether it is from the scale of the solid wood furniture pavilion or the passenger flow, the new Chinese style furniture has become the mainstream. These furnitures are mainly full of red, heavy golden yellow or fashionable mysterious black, retaining the quaint features of traditional national culture, absorbing the layered and elegant temperament of Chinese furniture, and also combining modern people's Various aspects of life philosophy and actual spatial pattern.

There was a designer who told Xiaobian that the Chinese style used to be symmetrical and complicated, and the furniture style was large and cumbersome, giving people a heavy feeling. Now the new Chinese style deconstructs the original pattern, chooses the standard pieces suitable for making furniture connection and decoration, and uses modern decorative techniques and ideas to express, the graphics and paintings are elegant or fresh, bringing more people. It is sensuality, warmth and infinite reverie, breaking the more rigid symmetry. In terms of details, it combines the beneficial nutrition of foreign cultures, which is mostly manifested by linearity and fluency, highlighting another elegant style of new Chinese furniture. This new “simplification and simplification” is in line with the current trend. It also brought a new level of Chinese style furniture innovation. Xiao Bian also observed that a Chinese-style furniture that attracts middle-aged and old people has attracted many young people. It seems that this small innovation has become a key factor in the favor of new Chinese-style furniture.

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