The role of carbon monoxide gas detector and the use of matters needing attention

Carbon monoxide gas detector is a gas alarm that must be provided by the production industry of carbon monoxide gas. The instrument is widely used in industrial sites where carbon monoxide leaks. It is an indispensable gas detection instrument for enterprise safety production.

Carbon monoxide properties and hazards:

Carbon monoxide gas is very common in life, is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, it is easy to ignore and cause poisoning. The pure carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, non-irritating gas under standard conditions, with a density of 1.250 g/l and a boiling point of -190°C. The solubility in water is very low and it is extremely difficult to dissolve in water. The air explosion limit is 12.5% ​​to 74%. When carbon monoxide enters the human body, it binds to hemoglobin in the blood to produce carboxyhemoglobin, which in turn makes it impossible for hemoglobin to bind to oxygen, thereby causing hypoxia in the body tissues and causing the body to suffocate. Therefore, carbon monoxide is toxic.

Since carbon monoxide is extremely harmful to the human body, it is indispensable to deploy a carbon monoxide gas detector in the company that is in contact with this gas. DEHSM introduces basic knowledge of carbon monoxide gas detectors for everyone:

The carbon monoxide gas detector is an effective detection tool for leak detection, leak location, and gas concentration monitoring, and can detect the concentration of carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide gas detector adopts imported high-sensitivity anti-intoxication gas sensor, can automatically adapt to changes in the environment, automatically correct the aging curve of the sensor, maintain a constant alarm sensitivity, the concentration alarm state can be automatically stored, using the main and standby dual power working methods , to ensure the continuity of the work. The whole machine works stably and reliably with low power consumption.

The role of the carbon monoxide detector is to issue a warning when toxic gases are exceeded, telling nearby people that they are in danger and that they will be treated as quickly as possible to avoid health-related injuries.

Gas detector use matters needing attention:

1. When using a toxic gas detector, such as a carbon monoxide detector. The sensor is an important part of the instrument and the most vulnerable part, so the maintenance of the sensor is the key. Usually to check the instrument clean, the instrument should always check the maintenance, if found to have problems must be repaired and replaced parts.

2. In addition, the instrument must be calibrated frequently. Because the instrument will be used for a long time, there will be deviations. In order to ensure the accuracy of the instrument, it is necessary to constantly check the calibration, and keep in mind that the gas detector should always be zeroed. Grasping relevant knowledge and basic knowledge can make better use of carbon monoxide detector.

3. We have carbon monoxide detectors in our daily lives to be able to promptly remind us of dangers but we hope that no danger will occur. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the details of life. If home ventilation is necessary, especially when heating, do not seal it. Windows tend to accumulate carbon monoxide and cause danger.

Instrument features:

1. LCD backlight multiple display;
2. Carbon monoxide alarm anti-jamming, dust, moisture, corrosion resistance;
3. The use of a wide range of environments, long service life;
4. Each detection point is set independently, the history query is checked, the first and second alarm values ​​are set independently, the zero drift is positive, and the Chinese display.
5. Individual sound and light alarm, individual concentration numerical display
6. Main and standby power automatic conversion, self protection
7. Frequency signal, linkage valve, fan, 110 warning light
8. Strong anti-interference ability

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