What are the factors causing false alarms in the alarm system?

To reduce the occurrence of false alarms in alarm systems must be considered from various aspects, such as the selection of sensor detectors, technical and performance aspects, production processes, methods of use, temperature compensation, microprocessor programs, and multi-technology. And so on, these all determine the false alarm of the detector.

Another point is human factors, first of all requiring the user to have a certain degree of awareness of the alarm system to avoid human error caused by improper operation; second is to require alarm equipment manufacturers to produce more humane products, such as voice prompts There is also the use of wireless operation to arm or disarm, to simplify the operating procedures, try to produce some simple and practical alarm products; Third, in the case of human error can not be avoided, you can take the method of visual alarm to the family, in the alarm In conjunction with monitoring, the video is used to review whether the situation is true.

There are many and complex factors that generate false positives. There are mainly the following reasons :

1. The poor anti-interference performance of wireless detectors is often caused by the same frequency interference and false positives.

2. Infrared detectors cause false alarms for inaccurate judgment of intrusion behavior.

3, infrared detectors susceptible to temperature, light and other environmental factors and produce false positives.

4. Hosts and detectors use wireless coding to set the code to have duplicates and cause host and detector re-encoding to cause false alarms.

5, the quality of the alarm is too bad, such as component damage and poor production process caused false positives.

6, with the choice of equipment, installation methods, angles, location, but also related to 7, under the influence of the external environment such as air movement, pet actions.

8. There are also man-made factors which mainly include improper operation of the user, inadvertent triggering of alarms, mistakes, and mistaken access to the already visited visiting areas.


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