2012 China solid wood furniture top ten brand rankings

The top ten brands of Chinese solid wood furniture in 2012 are as follows: Huafeng Furniture, Federation, Nanyang Hu, Qumei QM, Fuye, Huari Home, Guangming Furniture, Huahe, Ximengbao, and Temple of Heaven. The ranking of top ten brands of solid wood furniture in China has always been a topic of great concern to people. The following small series shows you the styles of the top ten brands in the 2012 China Solid Wood Furniture Rankings for the reference of industry professionals and consumers.

1. Huafeng Furniture

China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Famous Trademark of Liaoning Province, Famous Brand Product of Liaoning Province, Large Modern Furniture Manufacturing Enterprise, Dalian Huafeng Furniture Group Co., Ltd.

2, the federal

Founded in 1984, China famous brand, China famous brand, Guangdong famous brand, top ten solid wood furniture brand, Guangdong famous brand products, Guangdong Federal Furniture Group

3. Nanyang Hu

Tianjin famous trademark, set solid wood furniture design R & D, production and sales as one of the enterprises, industry influence brand, Tianjin Nanyang Hushi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

4, Qumei QM

In 1987, China's well-known trademarks, China's famous brand, set design, production and sales of a large, standardized furniture group, Qumei Furniture Group Co., Ltd.

5, double leaf

China's well-known trademark, a modern enterprise specializing in the design and production of solid wood furniture, one of the largest bases in the domestic solid wood furniture manufacturing industry, Shuangye Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.

6, Huari Home

China's well-known trademark, China famous brand, scientific research and development / design / production / sales as a large enterprise, Hebei famous brand, Langfang Huari Furniture Co., Ltd.

7, bright furniture

In 1985, China's well-known trademark, set furniture manufacturing / commerce / rubber / coating industry as one of the enterprises, Heilongjiang Guangming Group Furniture Co., Ltd.

8, Huahe

Heilongjiang famous trademark, Heilongjiang provincial forest leading enterprise, China's furniture manufacturing industry large joint-stock enterprise group, Qiqihar Huahe Group Co., Ltd.

9, Xi Mengbao

In 1988, Fujian famous trademark, specialized in furniture design, production and sales of modern furniture manufacturing enterprises, Xiamen Ximengbao Furniture Chain Co., Ltd.

10. Temple of Heaven

Founded in 1956, in 1999 won the first Chinese well-known trademark in China's furniture industry, Beijing famous brand products, China famous brand, Beijing Tiantan Co., Ltd.

Editor in charge: Shanghai GO Jiaju

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