How to anneal aluminum alloy?

【Aluminium Industry Network】In fact, the annealing of aluminum alloys can be divided into several types: there are uniform annealing, stress relief annealing, recrystallization annealing, and product annealing. According to their intent to achieve different annealing times have also changed. Elimination of stress, 175 degrees 8 hours out of the furnace; recrystallization annealing temperature is between 320-350, the first preset temperature of 320, to the time after the start of the temperature, and then with the furnace cooling, 60 degrees out of the furnace, annealing time is 2 hours At the mercy.

The annealing of aluminum alloys is intended to reduce the material hardness and improve elongation. The blank is used for anti-kneading at room temperature.

Processing technology: heated to 510 degrees, heat for 5 hours, then with the furnace cooling, the cooling temperature is less than 10 degrees per hour. Cold to 200 degrees.


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The heater core is heated by the hot water from the engine (engine coolant).

The air delivered by the blower fan and the blower motor is heated through the radiator fin of the heater core.

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