[comprehensive] how to use anti-mite mask filter function

Wear masks also need to pay attention to see it

Ms. Gao, a citizen of Shijiazhuang, said that the unit issued a pack of anti-fog masks and blue non-woven fabrics for each person. Just as a friend, Ms. Gao sent two different styles of masks to make her feel warmer. However, Ms. Gao is not quite sure what effects these masks have. When she wears them, she needs to pay attention. She is embarrassed to ask her friends, and she hopes to help reporters help them understand and give them a reminder.

Different masks have different anti-mite effect

At 24:00 on November 26th, Shijiazhuang City launched a phase II response to heavy pollution. It is recommended that vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, and patients be kept indoors as much as possible; the general population should reduce or avoid outdoor activities, and outdoor workers should reduce outdoor work time and strengthen Self-protection.

The reporter visited a number of pharmacies and learned that there are three types of so-called “anti-snoring masks” that are currently on the market. One is gauze masks. This type of mask can filter out most of the dust and germs, but it has little protection against PM2.5. The second is activated carbon masks. This mask adds an activated carbon layer that has an adsorption effect, but it only acts on the odor-suppressing effect and has a poor anti-mite effect against particles. The third is medical masks, including medical disposable masks and N95 masks. Ordinary disposable medical masks are generally made of non-woven materials and have the functions of anti-foaming and moisture absorption. However, the effect of filtering particulates is not ideal and is not suitable for blocking PM2.5. In contrast, the N95 mask has better anti-mite effect, but its breathability is poor, and it is easy to cause difficulty in sucking. It can cause oxygen deficiency, chest tightness, etc. for a long time. It is not suitable for poorly sucking children, the elderly, and cardiovascular Patients with the disease wear for a long time.

According to a staff member of the CDC, although the N95 mask has a good anti-mite effect, it does not mean that the N95 mask is isolated from the dirty air. "PM2.5 particles are very small and very penetrative, and after all, masks have a very limited role in blocking small particles." If the wearing method is not correct, the effect of anti-PM2.5 will be greatly reduced.

Wear masks every half hour to change air

So, how to wear a mask is correct? The staff recommended: First, before wearing a mask, you must keep your hands clean, try not to touch the inside of the mask; second, the mask must be close to the face in order to play a filtering function, therefore, after squat to wear several times, if you feel all around Gas leakage, resistance increase during sucking, etc., should be readjusted or replaced. Finally, wearing a mask should be removed every half hour for a change of gas. Every two days or 4 hours of wear must be replaced.

Choose qualified masks for gauze and nonwovens

What needs to be reminded is that when purchasing masks, try to buy them at pharmacies, shopping malls, etc., and less online shopping, but also see whether the product name, type, manufacturer, and instructions for use, and precautions, etc., are carefully selected. Imported products". The staff member pointed out that avoid choosing color masks. Most of the fashion color masks are chemical fiber fabrics, which have poor air permeability and chemical odor. They are easy to damage the sipperms. Qualified masks are made of gauze or non-woven fabrics.

The staff member told reporters that care should be taken when purchasing, wearing, and cleaning masks. After wearing masks for 4-6 hours, many germs will accumulate. After wearing, the mask should be folded first. When folded, the face that is close to the mouth and nose should be stacked inside. Then put the mask into a clean bag and put it into the bag or pocket. Masks should be washed every day and put in the sun. (Reporter Zhang Ningning)

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