Preparation of budget room and budget before signing the contract

Before signing a contract, you must first understand the complete design proposal and budget, and then gradually enter the construction part. Therefore, these preparations before the signing of the contract are very important for the entire process of decoration. What details do owners need to pay attention to?

1, home room

After the early communication, according to the agreement, the designer will use professional equipment, come to the site of the owner's house size for on-site survey, understand the building foundation, special environmental conditions and special locations, such as: toilet pit distance, duct, falling water, load-bearing wall, beam And so on, confirm and record the corresponding content. Through the actual understanding of the site and further communication with the owners, the designer can more specifically plan some functional settings.

Editor's note: Designers never compromise the structure of the original building's load-bearing walls during design. The owner needs to provide relevant load-bearing structural drawings before or during the measurement.

2, the most intuitive experience of the initial program

After 3 to 5 working days, the designer will invite the owners to see the preliminary plan. The floor plan is the skeleton of all the designs. All the future designs are based on this, and the conceptual local effects are shown. It allows the owner to have a more intuitive experience.

3, complete program and detailed budget

Within 3 to 10 working days of signing the design contract, the designer will exchange complete plans and detailed budgets with the owner. The complete plan is to design a complete set of drawings, so that decorators can clearly understand the appearance of the construction after molding. They include, the detailed budget, also known as the engineering cost book. After the owner signs the design contract, the company will produce it according to the complete design proposal.

Editor's note: The owners carefully review the budget and drawings in the store. Before the construction contract is signed or the design fee is paid in full, the data cannot be taken away.

Room decoration budget decoration budget knowledge

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