Gold radiator for everyone to analyze how to calculate the radiator price?

With the advent of centralized heating, many people began to consider installing heating systems or replacing new types of heating systems in their houses. However, there are many new radiator models in the market, with different styles and different quality. The analysis of how to calculate the price of radiators is calculated. of.
Is the radiator installed according to a column or a group?
First of all, let us first understand the basic concept of the number of radiators: what is a "pillar" and what is a "group."
The column we are talking about is generally referred to as a steel column radiator. We call a monolithic radiator a column. Usually columnar radiators have a column height from 400-1800mm, which can be customized according to the requirements of consumers.
The so-called group is a single-column radiator with the same specifications connected together. Usually the number of radiators to be installed in a room can be based on the total heat dissipation required by the entire room, divided by the heat dissipation of a single-column radiator. Calculate the number of columns needed for the room and then group the single-column radiators. Usually only one set of radiators is installed in a room.
The above is the representative meaning of a column and a group of radiators. Each group of radiators is composed of a column-by-column radiator. Radiator installation fees are charged in groups, regardless of the number of column radiators in a group.
How much is the radiator fitting?
Radiator installation consists of many accessories, such as pipe fittings, valves, elbows, tees, running wind, plugs, expansion screws, hooks, etc., in which running wind, plug, screw, hook are generally free from the radiator manufacturers Distribution, pipe fittings, valves, etc. need to be purchased separately, according to the actual amount of radiator installation charges, the price of these accessories by the material, brand and other factors, we must not ignore the purchase, the quality of accessories directly affects the level of Radiator daily use and service life, it is best to buy high-quality, big-brand products - Rosad radiator.
Radiator installation costs need to be settled separately.
With the increase of labor costs year by year, the cost of radiator installation workers has also increased year by year. Many consumers say that you should install the heating system for your heating. It is unreasonable to settle the problem with the master alone. In fact, as a consumer, we think about it carefully. The wool is on the sheep. The sellers who can install the package must have increased their expenses in other places. Therefore, it is not as transparent as the price of the radiator. The radiator installation fee can be negotiated with the installation master. The itemized charges are more detailed and reasonable.
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