Exterior paint brand recommended exterior wall paint

For decorating friends, exterior paints should be understood. In addition to the high performance of conventional high-quality exterior latex paints, exterior wall oils have excellent elasticity and can impart continuous decorative properties to coatings. water-proof. Due to the new technology, the coating has excellent stain resistance, respiration and adhesion. The following small series introduces the exterior wall paint brand recommendation and exterior wall paint types.

Dulux Paints Brand Recommended

Akzo Nobel, I do not know if you have heard of it, history is very long, the country's top 500, the company headquarters in the Netherlands, Dulux has always won the praise of the majority of owners in the industry.

Exterior paint brand recommended cherry blossom paint

Everyone has heard of it, the name is beautiful, cherry lacquer has always been a "healthy life, accompanied by cherry" brand slogan, has always been for the health of the owners, the company occupied the eastern market, is a famous brand in Jiangsu.

Exterior paint brand recommended Huarun paint

For a long time, China Resources Paint insisted on being a “true expert in paint industry”. The main products were "Xiaoxiang Paint", which was launched in cooperation with Disney, and the "love paint" that embodies the concept of environmental protection and health. It was once a leading local paint brand, but in 2006, It was acquired by Valspar Corporation.

Exterior wall paint brand recommended three tree paint

Headquartered in Putian, Fujian, it is one of the largest eco-paint industrial parks in China. The main products of the three trees are decoration paints, furniture paints, architectural paints, industrial paints, adhesives and resins. Is the domestic "health lacquer" leader brand, the first proposed "health lacquer" concept, a few years in a fierce competition in the paint market has emerged a new brand.

Exterior paint brand recommendation Nippon

Nippon Paint is a world-famous paint manufacturer, established in 1881 and has a history of more than 100 years. It is one of the earliest paint companies in the world. Nippon Paint, which entered China in 1992, has been consistently ranked among the top paint manufacturers in the world in recent years and is a leader in the domestic paint industry.

Exterior paint types

Types of exterior wall paint can be divided into strong acid-alkali-resistant exterior paint, silicone self-cleaning water-resistant exterior paint, tempered waterproof putty powder, pure acrylic elastic exterior wall paint, organic silicon self-cleaning elastic exterior paint, and high-quality acrylic exterior wall. Coatings, fluorocarbon coatings, ceramic tile primers, ceramic tile finishes, weather-resistant hydrophobic topcoats, environmental-friendly exterior latex paints, acrylic oil-based finishes, exterior wall oil tyrants, metallic paints, interior and exterior wall multifunctional coatings, etc. Each has its own characteristics. According to the decorative texture can also be divided into thin exterior paint, multi-layer pattern paint, colored sand paint and thick paint.

Editor's summary: The exterior wall paint brand recommendation and exterior wall paint types are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.


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