Innovative application of high-elevation landing motor vehicle electronic identification hazardous chemicals transportation vehicle management

In order to implement the overall deployment of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and cooperate with the promotion of Tianjin auto electronic identification pilot work, at the same time, combined with Tianjin hazardous chemicals (hereinafter referred to as “hazardous chemicals”) transportation vehicle supervision and special lanes for hazardous chemicals in Binhai New Area vehicle control monitoring requirements, requirements should be Ministry of Public Security traffic Management Bureau, Tianjin automotive identifies the first to start demonstration and application in the field of regulation of hazardous goods transport vehicles.
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A total of 16 monitoring points were deployed in Tanggu, Hangu and Dagang, Binhai New Area, a total of 71 lanes, namely 10 one-way monitoring points of Tanggu Seaside Avenue, totaling 47 lanes; 4 one-way monitoring points of Dagang Textile Avenue, totaling 16 Lane; two two-way monitoring points in Hanxia Qixia Street, a total of eight lanes. In the Lingang Economic Zone, the construction of hazardous chemicals transport vehicle management system at the source of hazardous chemicals transport vehicles: the realization of the identity of the hazardous chemicals vehicle park and the intelligent verification of the pass, involving 4 entrances and 2 exits.
Installed automobile electronic identification labels for dangerous vehicles in the city; accumulated more than 160,000 vehicle traffic records.
Project purpose
Through the installation of automotive electronic signs for dangerous chemicals transport vehicles in Tianjin, the construction of hazardous chemicals transport vehicles and electronic certificates of pass permits to realize the electronicization of dangerous chemicals transport passes, to solve the problem of forgery and borrowing of dangerous chemicals passes; Accurate identification of chemical transportation vehicles, correcting video recognition rate, and strengthening safety monitoring of hazardous chemicals vehicles; and providing fast and intelligent road inspection and emergency plan disposal by providing handheld devices to provide support for law enforcement inspections of traffic control departments.
Project effectiveness
The project realized the dynamic, real-time and intelligent monitoring of the operation of hazardous chemicals transportation vehicles, and detected nearly 10,000 violation information of dangerous chemicals transport vehicles that did not travel according to the specified time, route and special roads;
Through the construction of automotive electronic identification and video recognition comparison system, the identification of dangerous chemicals transport vehicles can be accurately verified, and the rapid identification of illegal violations (counterfeit vehicles, deck vehicles, and defaced license plates) can be effectively solved.
The automobile electronic identification and video recognition comparison system can also effectively improve the video recognition rate and improve the technical defense capability of the public security traffic control department for vehicle reading, monitoring and tracking. Since the online line has been compared with the radio frequency identification by video recognition, it has detected nearly one thousand physical card video recognition error records.
By comparing the video of the hazardous chemicals vehicle record and the RFID radio frequency identification vehicle, it is shown that the RFID identified hazardous chemicals vehicle is 1.45 times of the video recording.
The entrance and exit of the Lingang Economic Zone will carry out vehicle pass and vehicle identity information for automatic verification, which will greatly improve the efficiency of traffic. For the rapid release of compliant and legal vehicles, the vehicle traffic efficiency has been improved by more than 5 times, reducing the police input.
New model of hazardous chemicals management
In January 2018, the leaders of the Ministry of Public Security, the leaders of the Traffic Management Science Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, and the leaders of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Administration conducted inspections on the vehicle management project for hazardous chemicals transported vehicles based on automobile electronic identification. The project was well received by leaders and experts. It is believed that the project will create a new model for the management of hazardous chemicals. As the vehicle identity, electronic pass and access control status, the automobile electronic sign has successfully realized the core requirements for the monitoring of dangerous lanes and vehicle management in the Binhai New Area, strengthened the dynamic monitoring of the operation of hazardous chemicals transport vehicles, and improved the supervision ability of the source to ensure the source. Road Safety .
High emerging
Automotive electronic identification
As the earliest enterprise dedicated to the automotive electronic signage industry, ZTE Zhilian (hereinafter referred to as “High Emerging Zhilian”) of the High Emerging Technology Group has participated in the automotive electronics led by the Ministry of Public Security with great enthusiasm and selflessness. Identify the drafting, demonstration, testing and pilot application of national standards.
After more than ten years of technology accumulation, Gaoxing Zhilian has nearly 400 RFID core patents. As the vice chairman unit of the motor vehicle electronic identification standard organization and the vice chairman of the China Intelligent Transportation Management Industry Alliance, Gao Xinzhi Zhilian has opened a number of core patents for the preparation of national standards for motor vehicle electronic identification in the formulation of national standards for motor vehicle electronic identification. And key technologies, participated in the research, preparation, demonstration and testing of the six national standards for motor vehicle electronic identification released recently. At the same time, Gaoxingzhilian was listed as the standard drafting unit, which is the national standard for motor vehicle electronic identification. Listed as the largest number of companies drafted.
Up to now, Zhilian has more than 85% of the automotive electronic signage market share, and has unique experience of landing, becoming the veritable brand of the automotive electronic sign industry.

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