What are the characteristics of bamboo curtain partitions?

Partitioning is a very common way of modern home decoration. At present, there are many types of partitions, and the bamboo partition is one of the most widely used and widely acclaimed partitioning methods in many shade partitions, especially for those decorated with rustic atmosphere, which plays an excellent decoration. And embellishment effects. Then, what are the characteristics of bamboo curtain partitions and how can we install it? Let Xiaobian tell everyone.

What are the characteristics of bamboo curtain partition

a, cut off the bamboo curtain , heard the name felt very environmentally friendly, are made of bamboo materials. In addition to environmental protection, there is a simple but refined, lively and harmonious feeling. For friends who pursue nature, it is an ideal choice for partition decoration.

b. The bamboo blind material in the bamboo curtain partition has high density, so it has good toughness and high strength, and is a strong, durable, and not easily deformable decoration material. Its long service life can be widely used in homes, office buildings, conference rooms, reception rooms and hotels and other places.

c. However, bamboo curtains also have features such as insect repellence, mildew resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-slip, temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance. The surface texture is elegant and clear, and the color is beautiful and generous, which can fully reflect the characteristics of people and nature. It is a global green product. In addition, the bamboo curtain is also easy to clean, not afraid of watering and cigarette, matchstick scalding, its function is better than cloth curtains, its beautiful style is also unmatched by other curtains.

2, bamboo curtain partition how to install

First of all, to find out how wide it is, only 3 fixed points are required to be mounted against the wall within 1m 5 . First measure the width with a steel tape measure, and use a pen to make a mark. Make a mark on both sides within 10 cm of the pulley, and use a hand drill to drill the small eye of the 3 point 2 hole. Then mark the width of the curtain as a mark on the wall. Note that the width of the cover should be as wide as 20 cm upwards.

Secondly, mark the same size as the top of the curtain, then drill it with a percussive drill, and the aperture should be 0:8. Then, put in a plastic expansion tube and install it with a 5 cm self-tapping screw.

Then, embedded and wall-mounted installations are a good thing. Accurate dimensions are very important. If it is a hook test method, nail 2 nails on the window frame or door frame. Screw two hooks on the wooden beams at the top of the curtain and hang the hooks on the nails. If the inner frame type top installation method is adopted, no hooks are required for installation. Just put the top beam of the curtain on the inner frame of the window, and screw it in from the bottom of the beam, and screw it to fix the screw on the window frame. The beam is close to the top.

Xiao Bian concludes: What are the characteristics of bamboo curtain partitions and how to install them? Today, there are many forms of partitions for bamboo curtains . Everyone can choose according to their decoration style and their own preferences. However, although bamboo curtains are used in the living room for a more elegant and scented atmosphere, when installing, it is also necessary to pay attention to the corresponding installation method.

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