New Chinese style decoration is not good New Chinese style decoration notes

The new Chinese style has been loved by many owners, not only integrating traditional Chinese culture and classical aesthetics, but also being very simple and neat. There are also some friends on the market who don’t understand the new Chinese style . What are the points of attention for the new Chinese decoration? We together look!

1, the new Chinese decoration is not good - a strong sense of hierarchy

China's traditional homes pay attention to the sense of space. According to the difference in the number of residents and the degree of privacy, different functional areas are separated. In the new Chinese style, dummies, shelves, screens, windows, etc. are used to divide. Through this separation, the overall space is more hierarchical.

2, the new Chinese decoration is not good - modeling beauty

The new Chinese-style decoration adopts a simple shape, adding Chinese elements, making the overall space feel more rich, large but not empty, thick but not heavy, there is no significant suppression of style. Especially in small residential areas, it is often possible to achieve the decorative effect of changing the landscape.

3, the new Chinese decoration is not good - strong colors

The new Chinese-style wall color is based on black, white, and gray, plus red, yellow, blue, and green. Most furniture is dark. The whole gives a sense of elegance and luxury. Accessories are supplemented by green plants, fabrics, decorative paintings and lamps. These traditional decorations with Chinese elements play a crucial role in the space.

4, the new Chinese decoration is good - never out of date

The new Chinese style uses traditional Chinese classical culture as its background to create a romantic living space with embellishments of mahogany, blue-and-white porcelain, and teapots. Shows a strong oriental beauty, this minimalist style will never be outdated, as time emanates more and more charming Oriental charm.

New Chinese decoration notes :

1, not just a simple pile of retro elements

The new Chinese-style decoration is not a retro decoration of traditional culture, but in the modern decoration style into the classical elements. The designer needs a tailor-made plan based on experience and the integrated considerations of the owners.

2. Conduct a thorough consideration of spatial colors

New Chinese furniture and accessories have a darker color and need to be adjusted according to the overall color when designing and matching. Not too abrupt.

3, placing traditional items Mo "Zhang Guan Li Dai"

The new Chinese style decoration should also pay attention to the placement of items, such as the mahogany table, put a mottled large tub to make fruit baskets. This looks very unfavorable. Therefore, when using these traditional utensils, we must pay attention to its collocation.

Conclusion: The above is to introduce the new Chinese decoration good relevant content, hoping to bring help being renovated friends. If you still need to learn more about the decoration style in the later period, please pay attention to this site information.

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