Villa Attic Renovation Notice Villa Decoration Tips

The difference between villas and ordinary houses is that they have a large space and need to be divided into different areas. Many villas will be equipped with a loft, then how good is the villa loft decoration ? Today Xiao Bian and everyone together to chat about the villa loft decoration related knowledge, to see what places need attention!

Villa loft decoration notes

Attic type

Different types of lofts are decorated differently. There are generally two types of lofts: the top floor with attic, the attic with top floor, and pure loft. The most common is the first.

2. Loft lighting

The general loft area will not be too large, this time the lighting needs special attention. If lighting is not enough, be sure to use lighting to make up, and you can also choose some unique lighting.

3. Attic pressure

Attic space is limited, it is easy to give people a feeling of depression. So when the villa is decorated, we can use warm colors more, which can increase the sense of space extension.

4. Attic furniture

The space is small, the furniture must be smaller, rational use of storage should be used, and rational design should be carried out according to the use of the attic.

Villa decoration tips

1. Many people in the interior decoration will choose to use marble to install the floor, but it is not recommended to use marble as a whole. Marble is dozens of times heavier than floor tiles and wooden floors. If the floor is entirely covered with marble, the floor may become overwhelmed. Because the decoration of houses above the second floor without the appraisal station of the building safety, the weight of the ground decoration materials shall not exceed 40 kg/m2.

2. If you have older parents and young children in your family, you need special attention on slip resistance. The bathroom decoration should pay attention to the roundness of the corners, the height of the equipment and the overall convenience performance; the floor should be considered to be non-slip, and the use of metal and glass materials can be used as little as possible.

3. The load-bearing wall shall not be allowed to pierce the walls of the load-bearing wall, remove the walls connecting the balconies and doors and windows, and enlarge the size of the original doors or windows or build additional doors and windows. This will cause partial cracks in the buildings and severely affect the earthquake resistance, thus shortening the buildings. Service life. In addition, the decoration of balconies and bathrooms should be made of materials with small loads as much as possible because the over-loading of the balconies can cause overturning.

4. Many owners have asked for luxury. They will be plastered on the wall and will also be fitted with two or three-dimensional suspended ceilings on the ceiling. In fact, this kind of decoration is not desirable. Because the four walls are covered with plates, occupying a larger space will reduce the area of ​​the entire space, the cost is relatively high, and it is not conducive to fire prevention; in addition, the ceiling will be too low and will create a sense of depression in the entire room.

5. Villa appliances should be reasonably wired for a long time. If the power supply device in the villa bathroom is more professional, it should use computer to simulate the location of electrical appliances and sockets, and reasonably distribute the location of electrical appliances to facilitate practical use. In addition, the villa's bathroom space is best separated from the dry and wet areas, and appliances and sockets installed in the dry area, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The above is the introduction of villa penthouse decoration items and villa decoration techniques introduced by Xiaobian. Hopefully the above can help everyone. If you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site. More exciting please stay tuned!

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