Analysis on Failure of Barrier Bars in Smart Barrier

Regardless of the failure of the intelligent barrier, we must first check the power line, including the voltage is how many volts, the voltage is stable and Other factors. The precautions for inspection include the following: (Nigcom MDO, 3-roll gate, swing gate, wing gate, full-high gate)

First, first look at whether there is electricity, and look at whether the fuse is burned, if the fuse is broken, then you need a more comprehensive inspection.

2. Unplug the underground cable plug of the communication room and use the Rx1 block of the multimeter to check if the red, white, and yellow wires of the motor are blocked. Then use the R×10K file to measure the resistance of the other wire. The purpose is to check. There is no indirect short circuit between the lines.)

Third, the lead of the bar gate motor only red and yellow lines are connected, and white are not the same, check whether the motor stator is not hot. If the hot is more severe, then it shows that the thermal shutdown of the motor can not be switched. If not Hot, you need to check whether the 20UF starting capacitor has failed.

Fourth, if you check the smart barrier motor is running well but still can not switch, then measure the blue, green, gray three limit signal line has no short circuit, because the door is automatically stopped using the limit sensor K1 If K2 and K2 sense each other, if both K1 and K2 sensors are short-circuited, it is equivalent to the limit of the door when the door is opened, and the closing of the door is also caused by the limit switch.

5. If the intelligent barrier motor and the signal line are all relatively good or can not be switched, indicating that there is a fault in the controller, replacing a barrier controller can be solved!

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