British and American work together to increase the efficiency of organic solar cells

According to the US Daily Science website recently reported that British and American scientists work together and found that the use of specific means of "spinning" the electrons in organic solar cells is expected to substantially increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency of organic solar cells. The latest technology can also be used Develop higher performance organic light emitting diodes. The study was published in the journal Nature.

Organic solar cells mimic the photosynthesis of plants. They are thin, lightweight, and flexible. They can also be printed like newspapers. Compared with silicon-based solar cells, which are widely used today, the manufacturing process is faster and the cost is lower. However, its highest photoelectric conversion rate is only 12%, and it is not comparable to silicon-based solar cells with conversion efficiencies as high as 20% to 25% and thus more commercial advantages.

Now, studies conducted by scientists from Cambridge University and Washington University have found that manipulating the spin modes of electrons in organic solar cells can significantly improve their performance and help scientists develop inexpensive and high-performance organic solar cells. .

Previously, scientists were puzzled by the different performance of the electrons in organic solar cells. They hoped to clarify why some electronic performances would be unexpectedly good, while other electronic ones performed poorly. To this end, scientists at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University have developed a sensitive laser technology to track the behavior and interaction of electrons in organic solar cells. They were surprised to find that the "culprit" is the quantum property of electron-owned spin.

Spin is a property owned by a particle that is related to its angular momentum. Electrons have two ways of spinning: up or down. Through a process called "recombination," the electrons in a solar cell lose their energy and enter a completely empty state called "hole." Researchers have discovered that allowing electrons to "spin" in a specific way can prevent energy loss and increase solar cell currents.

The leader of the research, Aksay Rao, a researcher at Cavendish Laboratories, said: "By using this exciting study, we can use spin physics to improve the performance of solar cells. Previously, we It is thought that this cannot happen. New materials and solar cells developed using this method may soon be available."

The researchers believe that this design concept helps scientists to reduce the difference in conversion efficiency between organic solar cells and silicon-based solar cells, and it is also expected to be used to manufacture higher-performance organic light-emitting diodes. Organic light-emitting diodes are an emerging display technology for making more efficient displays used in mobile phones and televisions. (Liu Xia)



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