Good dad must see the five precautions for children's room decoration

The children's room is a room dedicated to child-rearing in modern homes. With the increasing material, people's requirements for children's rooms are getting higher and higher. The layout of the children's room can not only decorate the space, but also to some extent, the historical humanities education can be submerged in daily life, so that the children can benefit. So, do you know what to pay attention to when decorating children's rooms?

First, security

Safety is one of the priorities to consider when designing a children's room. Because the child is in a stage of active and curiosity, it is prone to accidents. When designing, it is necessary to worry everywhere. For example, in the window guardrail, the furniture should avoid the appearance of corners and adopt the arc edge.

In the choice of decorative materials, whether it is wall, ceiling or floor, non-toxic and tasteless natural materials should be used to reduce indoor pollution. The floor is suitable for solid wood flooring, with lead-free paint finish, and the ground surface should be fully considered. Furniture and building materials should avoid the use of fragile materials such as glass products. As a child-specific furniture, it is advisable to choose a durable, destructive, slightly small arc at the corners to avoid sharp edges and sharp corners. Try not to use large areas of glass and mirrors in the room; the power socket should ensure that children's fingers can not be inserted, it is best to use a socket with a socket cover; dangerous goods such as drugs and knives should be placed in places where infants and young children cannot reach; When parents do housework, they should be taught their safety knowledge about water, fire, and electricity bit by bit, so that children can understand safety.

Second, follow the natural scale

Due to the child's strong activity, the configuration of children's room supplies should be suitable for the child's nature, and soft and natural materials are preferred. Such as carpets, logs, wall coverings or plastics, these materials are durable, easy to repair, and affordable, creating a comfortable sleeping environment.

The style of the furniture should be small, simple, simple and novel, and at the same time have the decorations that children like. Small, suitable for children's physical characteristics, in line with their lively and active nature, but also can leave more space for children; simple, in line with the child's innocent character; simple, can cultivate children's sincere and simple character; novel, then Encourage your child's imagination and nurture and develop their creative thinking skills. Furniture with a reduced size, the reach of the shelf and the coffee table give them the feeling of controlling everything and satisfying their desire to imitate the adult world.

Third, adequate lighting

Proper and adequate lighting can make the room warm and secure, helping to eliminate the fear of the child when he is alone. The overall illumination of the children's room must be higher than that of the adult room. Generally, it can be arranged in two ways. When the child plays the game, the whole light is illuminated; when the child looks at the picture book, the local dimmable table lamp can be selected to enhance the illumination to achieve the best brightness. In addition, you can install a low-wattage night light in your child's home or install a regulator on other lights to make your child wake up at night.

Fourth, bright, lively tones

Different colors can stimulate children's visual nerves, and ever-changing patterns can satisfy children's curiosity about the world. The color should be bright, bright and vivid, with lighter shades as the best, and try not to take dark colors. If the color separation, such as light pink with white, light blue with white, eucalyptus with light brown, etc., it is more in line with the fairy tale world of children's fantasy.

In the color and space combination, the children's room is best to choose bright, relaxed and pleasant. You may wish to compare more colors. Orange and yellow bring joy and harmony, pink brings quiet, green is closest to nature, and the sea blue series makes children's hearts more free and open, and warm colors such as red and brown give people a warm, fashionable and efficient feeling. It is best to use these to distinguish the space of different functions, and the transition color can usually be white.

Fifth, the game and fun

Scientifically and rationally decorating children's rooms is of great significance for cultivating children's healthy growth, developing independent living ability and enlightening their wisdom. Understanding the character of the child's growing personality and the requirements for the layout of the room is as important as understanding some of the design factors that affect the child's life. Play, taking up most of the children's time, whether playing alone or playing with children or parents, there should be a dedicated space.  

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