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Years ago, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the results of the quality inspection of the three products in the fourth quarter of last year. After spot-checking steel pipe scaffold fasteners, helmets, and cement products, it was found that the helmets in use on the construction site had Half unqualified, there are major security risks.
The use of helmets in construction sites covered 17 units of use, a total of 20 batches, and the sampling pass rate was only 50%. Unqualified items include mass, vertical spacing, protrusions in the shell, and impact resistance. These unqualified helmets, in addition to easily causing neck fatigue and injury to the cervical spine, can also cause injury and suffocation to workers.
In addition, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision has also supervised random inspections of 40 batches of steel pipe scaffold fasteners by the distribution companies in Taiyuan City and the Yuncheng region, with a pass rate of 75%. The main quality issues that exist include: failure of anti-skid and anti-skid projects and failure of anti-destruction tests. Such a product is easily disengaged, and the fastener is liable to slip or even break when subjected to force in a working state, and there is a safety risk. Of the 22 provincial cement production companies and 22 batches of cement batch products, 22 batches were all qualified, the sampling pass rate was 100%, and the product quality was relatively stable.
For the problems reflected in hard hats and steel pipe scaffolding fasteners, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has required the quality supervision departments at all levels to do a good job in dealing with the enterprises with unqualified quality in the sampling inspection, especially for steel pipe scaffold fasteners and helmets, etc. Unqualified product production distribution companies do a good job of stopping the sale. The quality supervision department will also help unqualified companies improve their reforms, increase supervision of production and distribution, ensure product quality and safety, and effectively satisfy consumers.

Exposure table
Used by Shougang Changzhi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and marked with Tianchang Protective Products Co., Ltd. of Tianchang City, Anhui Province, the glass-steel type Tianan brand safety helmets, whose quality items do not meet the standard requirements.
It is used by Shanxi Hongsheng Coking Coal Co., Ltd. and marked 53cm-62cm, plastic type Jixiang brand safety helmets produced by Hebei Langfang Jiahui Plastic Products Co., Ltd. The vertical spacing does not meet the standard requirements.
The ordinary glass steel X-1 Feiren brand safety helmets produced by Beijing Feiren Electronics Co., Ltd. were used by the China Construction Third Bureau (Star Rivers Project Department), and the protrusions in the caps did not meet the standard requirements.
From the Jiayuan Materials Distribution Department of Jinyuan District of Taiyuan City, the company distributed and marked the Y-type Delnai brand helmets produced by Chongxian Hongfa Labor Protection Plastic Products Co., Ltd., and its impact resistance absorption performance did not meet the standard requirements.
The 540mm-650mm (plastic) Sudian Star brand safety helmet produced by Shanxi Sunlight Power Generation Co., Ltd. and used by Xuzhou Riyuexing Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. has the mandril belt strength and vertical spacing that do not meet the standard requirements.
The 660 × 480 × 440 helmets manufactured by Henan Yuguang Gold Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. are used by Changzhi Jingfang Coal Industry Co., Ltd. and their lateral rigidity does not meet the standard requirements.

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