Identification of five tips to explain the advantages and disadvantages of earplugs

One of the identification methods: The strength of its anti-noise function directly affects the quality of the earplugs.

Not as some people think: The density of earbuds is high, so its ability to fight noise is strong. The strength of its resistance to noise should be based on the materials it consists of, and whether the recipes produced are scientific.

The second method of identification: The degree of softness is related to the quality of earplugs.

If the general earplugs have good softness and the user is comfortable wearing them, then its function of combating noise will be relatively low, but this is only for the general earplugs, those professional earplugs can have this Two characteristics, that is, it can have enough softness, but also can achieve a relatively high anti-noise function.

The third method of identification: its durability is related to the quality of earplugs.

As we all know, those labor protection earplugs are generally products that can only be used once and cannot be used again. Only sleep earplugs can be reused. Therefore, the quality of sleep earplugs is generally better than the quality of labor protection earplugs.

The fourth method of identification: Its safety related indicators are related to the quality of earplugs.

High-quality earplugs are tested by security agencies, and its sales channels are also more formal, and its ability to fight bacteria and germs is also relatively strong.

The fifth method of identification: The degree of conformity of the shape with our ears is also related to the quality of the earplugs.

High-quality earplugs can better fit our ears, and their soundproofing is also very good. We also feel particularly comfortable when we wear them, and there will be no symptoms of discomfort.

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