How global layout of solar street light components

In terms of global standard application layout, leading solar street lighting companies have joined the solar street lighting standard optical component application alliance, setting off a new climax in the promotion and application of solar street lighting standard optical components.

Although Guangdong has achieved good results in promoting the development of the solar street lamp industry and has also accumulated some experience, the development of the solar street lamp industry still faces many intellectual property risks and challenges. In response, GSC and the LED industry leading enterprises were established "

The solar street lighting industry is an emerging industry that plays a significant role in the transformation of the future industrial structure and energy consumption patterns. It is currently in an era of great changes and differentiation. With the rapid growth of solar street lamp price lighting, the domestic LED lighting industry is still facing problems such as lack of core technology, insufficient patent layout, optoelectronic talents, and lack of industry standards.

According to the person in charge of the application and promotion of solar street lamp manufacturers' lighting optical component projects, the current LED lighting standard optical component application alliance is growing stronger, with nearly 100 members. Recognized. The brand has a strong channel advantage and huge market influence. With their help, it will help LED lighting standard optical components to speed up the circulation in the market. "Solar street lamp industry patent alliance", jointly establish a solar street lamp industry patent database, and collaborate with scientific research talents in universities to develop key technologies and common technologies for LED lighting epitaxy, chips, packaging, lighting applications, etc. Collaborative innovation mechanism to realize intellectual property operation, promote enterprises to establish intellectual property management norms, help enterprises to carry out intellectual property rights protection, respond to intellectual property litigation, etc.

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