Pneumatic wrench pictures and methods of use

Pneumatic wrenches are a combination of ratchet wrenches and power tools, mainly a tool that achieves high torque output with minimal consumption. Pneumatic wrenches have applications in many industries, such as car repairs, heavy equipment repairs, product assembly (often called "pulse tools" and designed for precise torque output), major construction projects, and other Where torque output is needed. Let's take a look at this tool through some pictures of pneumatic wrenches!



   Pneumatic wrench pictures




   How to use pneumatic wrench


Pneumatic torque wrench is a torque wrench that uses a high-pressure air pump as its power source. A torque multiplier with three or more epicyclic gears is driven by one or two powerful air motors. The torque is controlled by adjusting the gas pressure. In order to allow specific torque requirements to be set, each tool is equipped with a dedicated air pressure to torque comparison chart and correction report. And for further application, the pneumatic torque wrench can be equipped with a torque sensor at the same time to make the output torque more accurate. After obtaining the required torque, a suitable circuit system can be used to shut off the air supply manually or automatically.

Pneumatic torque wrench is a hand-held rotating pneumatic tool that can accurately set torque and is used to complete the locking or disassembly of nuts and bolts; the control part is realized by a voltage regulator and a power management system, and the mechanical part uses a planetary gear reduction mechanism .

The operation of the pneumatic torque wrench is quiet-less than 85dB (A), absolutely no impact, reducing damage to tools, sleeves and locked objects, these two factors can make the use of tools comfortable and reduce the operation Fatigue, improve safety, torque up to 300,000Nm.

Pneumatic torque wrench provides precise torque control-repeatability is ± 5%, equipped with sensor + solenoid valve switch, repeatability can reach ± ​​2%. Pneumatic torque wrenches are widely used in aerospace, mining, petrochemical, railway, and construction due to their small size, light weight, and high output power per unit weight, which can achieve high torque output, small reaction force, low environmental pollution, and low cost. Heavy vehicle assembly and maintenance, heavy equipment loading and unloading, and many other fields, especially in product production and assembly lines are widely used, especially where high torque is required.

The above is an introduction to the pictures of pneumatic wrenches and how to use them. Compressed air is the most common power source for pneumatic wrenches, but some are electric or hydraulic. Wrenches that use batteries as power sources are also very popular. Only with a detailed understanding of the pneumatic wrench and related knowledge can we better use it.

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