Application of Filter Dust Collector in Dust Removal Project

The range of application of filter cartridge dust collectors, such as the automotive industry, will produce a lot of welding fumes and fine dust in the production process of automobile manufacturing welding workshops, which will easily damage the respiratory system and environmental pollution of workers. New types of welding smoke purifiers can be used, such as In the battery industry, the production of chemical powders for batteries causes severe damage to the health of workers. New types of dust collectors can be used, such as in the foundry industry, in the casting process, in melting and casting, sandfall, cleaning and surface treatment. The dust produced is very serious and new dust collectors can be used to solve the air pollution problem in the factory building. In addition to the above industries, cartridge dust collectors have good dust removal effects for dust produced in various industries such as daily tobacco, food, ceramics and so on.

Application of Filter Dust Collector in Dust Removal Project

First, filter cartridge dust collector working principle:

After the dust-laden gas enters the ash hopper of the dust collector, a sudden increase in the air flow section causes a part of the coarse dust particles in the air flow to settle under the action of gravity and inertial forces. The fine-grained, low-density dust particles enter the filter chamber and pass through Brown. The combined effect of diffusion and filtration results in the deposition of dust on the surface of the filter material. The purified gas enters the net chamber and is exhausted by the exhaust pipe. Cartridge precipitator The resistance of the cartridge precipitator increases with the increase of the thickness of the dust layer on the filter surface. When the resistance reaches a certain value, cleaning is performed. At this time, the pulse controller controls the opening and closing of the electromagnetic pulse valve. When the pulse valve is opened, the compressed air in the air bag ejects a high-speed and high-pressure ejector air flow through the small hole in the blow pipe through the pulse valve, thus forming an induction equivalent to 1-2 times the volume of the air flow. The defect flow enters into the dust filter cartridge together, so that instantaneous pressure appears in the dust filter cartridge and generates bulging and micro motion. The dust deposited on the filter material falls off and falls into the ash hopper. The dust in the ash hopper passes through the unloader. Continuously discharged. This kind of pulse jet cleaning method is to clean the filter cartridges one by one. The pulse valve opens and closes once to generate a pulse action, the time required is 0.1~0.2s; the pulse valve is opened and closed twice. The time is 1 to 2 minutes, and the time required for all filter cartridges to complete a cleaning cycle is 10 to 30 minutes. Because this equipment is a low-pressure pulse cleaning, according to the resistance conditions of the equipment, the injection time should be appropriately extended, and the injection interval and injection cycle should be appropriately shortened. Due to the appearance of new filter materials and the improvement of the design of the dust collector, the cartridge dust collector began to be applied in the dust removal project. Cartridge-type dust collector has the advantages of small size and high efficiency.

Second, the filter cartridge structure filter cartridge filter element is a filter cartridge, filter cartridge structure is divided into top cover, metal frame, pleated filter material and base 4 parts. The filter cartridge is a designed length of filter material folded into a pleated, viscous synthetic tube; the inside and outside of the tube are supported by a metal frame, and the top and bottom are fixed by a top cover and a base, and the top cover has a fixing bolt and a washer. Precipitator construction The precipitator consists of an air intake duct, an exhaust duct, a box body, a ash bucket, a dust removal device, a filter cartridge and an electronic control device. The arrangement of the filter cartridges in the dust collector is very important. The filter cartridges can be arranged vertically on the flower plate of the box, or they can be arranged obliquely on the flower board, fixed with bolts, and have a rubber pad; the lower part of the flower board is a filter room. The upper part is a clean room. Cartridges are fixed with bolts.

Third, the characteristics of cartridge dust collector:

1 Due to the use of folds in the filter, the arrangement density is large, the structure of the dust collector is compact, the volume is small, and the performance of the filter material is tough.

2 The filter cartridge is small in height, convenient to install, and has a small use and maintenance workload;

3 The filter area of ​​the same volume dust collector is relatively large, the filtration wind speed is small, and the resistance is not large;

4 filter folds require strict sealing at both ends, can not have air leakage, otherwise it will reduce the effect.

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