Read the relevant national standards for PVC plastic products

--83 Semi-rigid PVC block plastic floor

--84 Chemical hard PVC pipe

--84 Chemical Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe Fittings

--84 hard polyvinyl chloride sheet

--86 Hard PVC pipes and fittings for building drainage

--86 PVC Knitted Fabric Foamed Artificial Leather

--85 hard PVC stair railing

--85 Rolled PVC Dish for Food Packaging

--67 PVC plastic sole

--73 Cable Industry Polyvinyl Chloride Plastics

--74 hard PVC pipe

--74 Soft PVC pipe

--75 PVC artificial leather

--80 rigid PVC foam sheet

--80 PVC gasket for concrete sleepers

--81 PVC plastic foam sandals

--81 Soft PVC extrusion sheet

--82 Polyvinyl chloride sintered microporous separator for battery

--83 Soft polyvinyl chloride printed film

--84 Soft PVC blown film

--84 PVC laminated foam assembly sandals

--88 Hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles for doors and window frames

--88 Soft PVC plastic for wire and cable

--88 PVC Wallpaper

--88 PVC artificial leather

--88 Hygienic standard for PVC molded products for food packaging

--88 hard PVC pipe for water supply

--88 hard PVC fittings for water supply

--88 Medical soft PVC pipe

--89 hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) inner door

--89 Hard polyvinyl chloride film for food packaging

--89 PVC sheet flooring

--92 Soft PVC pipe for fluid transportation

--92 Soft PVC sleeve for wire insulation

--91 hard polyvinyl chloride (

--88 hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC·U) skirting board

--88 low foaming polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hanging mirror line

--89 PVC plastic corrugated wire and tube

--89 PVC shrink film, casing

--91 Soft PVC printed film

--91 PVC plastic sole

--91 PVC nylon fabric leatherette

--92 rigid PVC extrusion sheet

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