How to improve the efficiency of antioxidants to capture free radicals?

To increase the efficiency of the action of the antioxidant to capture free radicals, a method using a cholesteric antioxidant and a hindered amine light stabilizer (tfaLS) may be employed. A hindered phenolic unit in the antioxidant molecule can theoretically capture two free radicals. However, due to the structure (steric hindrance) and number of the side groups R, the reactivity is also quite different, and the number of free radical captures is often 1-2. In the PON system, the light stabilizer has a matting effect on singlet oxygen, excited carbonyl, etc., and non-radical decomposition of -0OH, and electricity can capture free radicals in the system. When the two are used together. In the system, antioxidant molecules, free radicals, light stabilizer molecules, and white radicals, and macromolecular radicals, etc., may be generated correspondingly between the intermediates generated by the light stabilizer molecular radicals and the antioxidant molecules. Interaction, the deactivated antioxidant can be deuterated, resulting in the antioxidant rate of free radical capture. The heat resistance of the POM is improved. The author used a thermal analysis device to measure the thermal decomposition temperature change of the PON system when the anterior knife was added separately.

Aluminum Diamond Plate 3003-H22 is easy to fabricate and its raised diamond pattern provides good slip resistance and walking stability. 

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Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum Diamond plate sheet

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