Copper-aluminum composite radiator why so "expensive"

There are various kinds of radiators, copper-aluminum composite radiators, steel radiators, steel-aluminium radiators, etc. When it comes to copper-aluminum composite radiators, most people's minds are subconsciously expensive. Are you expensive? Compared to most of the radiator materials, copper-aluminum composite radiators are a bit expensive, but the material is placed there and the cost is low, but we should not look at these, we should focus on a good look at copper Why are aluminum composite radiators so expensive?

1. Less after-sale, less maintenance For most radiator heating systems, the integrated after-sales cost will take years to calculate. The inherent “oxygen” and non-rust performance advantages of copper-aluminum composite radiators make copper-aluminum composite radiators less aftermarket sales, and HVAC’s after-sales costs are naturally lower. We must know that labor costs have been rising year by year, and that once a worker is working, it will cost tens or even more than a hundred yuan.
2. Never rust, there is no oxygen barrier problem. We know that many types of radiators are afraid of oxygen because they are made of materials and they are rusted. Of course, most of these radiators are cheaper than copper and aluminum composites. a lot of. However, the cost of radiators is "cheap", but the cost of "deoxygenation" is easily overlooked. If you count the cost of “oxygen removal”, it may end up being “expensive” than copper-aluminum composite radiators.
3. Without a lot of stocking, to help you cash is king at any time, cash is king, the company account has enough cash to allow you to risk. The copper-aluminum composite radiator features the features of one column and one column assembled at random, so that you do not need to stock a lot of goods and will not take up the valuable cash flow of HVAC.
4. Designers design, aesthetic value added value Today, home improvement increasingly emphasizes style and fashion. The copper-aluminum composite radiator with its elegant shape can greatly increase the beauty and artistic atmosphere of the home. The copper-aluminum composite radiator series is the best choice, and the double arc design of the guide vane creates a pleasing “comfortable note”. She can be a highlight of the dotted space in both spacious and private spaces.
"Can't you sell it?" Of course not. For example, if you put a product with a price tag of 100 and a product with a price tag of $10 for customers to take it away for free, it is estimated that most people will take away 100 yuan because people will subconsciously hint at their “expressive affirmation”. It is good". Although “expensive is not necessarily good”, it at least shows that people have natural expectations for “price” and “value”.
Finally, after reading the above four points, you must have a new understanding of the "expensive" copper-aluminum composite radiator. In fact, the price of heating and the quality of heating are directly proportional. With everyone knowing more about the copper-aluminum composite radiator, everyone will put the copper-aluminum composite radiator and the industry famous saying “more expensive, much better”.

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