Sabatino Smart Lock Advantage

The smart home market from the blue ocean phenomenon to the competition is becoming more and more intense, so that the company’s strategic brand has been threatened. Secondly, the product positioning and production standards in the intelligent field have not yet been settled. The quality and experience of smart door locks that are available are uneven, affecting the objective evaluation and healthy development of the intelligent door lock industry. Finally, as compared with ordinary door locks, smart door locks have a relatively large price span and are in the stage of consumption and development. In such a grim situation, although Sabatino is a rising star, he has the style of generals. Here we introduce the advantages of Sabatino’s smart locks.


Industry is good at diligence, quality is high

Compared to some companies that have been involved in the field of intelligence in recent years, Sabasti is able to assess the situation and devote itself wholeheartedly to the development and production of smart lock technology. Its attitude of one-sided end, avoiding the radiation of the inhabitants in many fields, ensures the refinement of the operation and the research and development of professional technologies, and makes this level a leading position in the industry. For example, its original reflective measurement method, with its superior antistatic properties, abrasion resistance and excellent fingerprint images, has become a leader in smart lock products with extremely high reliability, stability, and high recognition rate.

Wisdom should better meet the needs of humanity

Sabatino's smart lock zinc alloy material and engineering material are combined in a stylish, safe and reliable manner. The design of high-end atmosphere, stylish and elegant, a variety of styles, a variety of colors, high school and low for different consumer groups; automatic unlocked lock, universal lock body exchange, change the lock does not need to replace the lock body, with the original lock The body can be, and 99% of the national standard lock body can be wildly used, which is more convenient;

No keyhole design, fundamentally eliminate the possibility of technology opening, more secure, get rid of all day with the key troubles; a variety of opening methods in one, fingerprint unlock, password unlock, swipe unlock, remote unlock, mobile remote unlock, five The unlocking methods are independent of each other and can work independently, which is more safe and reliable;


Brand power, thick and thin

Sabasti's in-depth digging in the field of specialization is conducive to the accumulation of brand power, so that Sabatino's authority and popularity of smart door locks are more widely accepted by consumers. Moreover, since the establishment of the brand, Sabastide has persisted in fulfilling its best promises in terms of quality and user experience, and has provided strong backing for dealers with perfect pre-sales and after-sales service systems. Bring more intelligent experience to customers.

Inexpensive and inexpensive business opportunities

For all consumer terminals, product prices are still the biggest consideration. When consumers face the same price of smart locks and traditional locks, they will tend to choose traditional locks. This is because smart locks on the market that are cheaper and do not guarantee absolute performance can be purchased at an absolute high quality traditional lock. Sabatino was able to evade this contradictory consumer mindset and use his price to attract people's minds. He settled 99% of the popular national standard lock body on the market to solve many worries, and the super-high cost-effectiveness became a consumer. The must-buy magic weapon of the shop will make the smart home experience truly accessible to millions of households. This will also be a huge business opportunity behind it.

The above is the advantage of Sabatino's smart lock that we introduced for you. If you want to know more about Sabatino's smart lock, please leave us a message!

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