What are the advantages of Tianzhi Smart Lock?

In the 21st century, "smart" is a very hot word. With the strong rise of the mobile Internet, all products must be linked with intelligence after the 21st century. For example, home devices may be controlled through Internet terminals such as a touch screen, a hand-held remote control, and a telephone, and it is also possible to perform scenario operations so that multiple devices can be linked. The convenience that intelligent products bring us is inestimable. Here are the advantages of Tianzhi Smart Lock.

Tianzhi smart lock brand advantage

Tianzhi Smart Lock, with its leading technical strength and advanced scientific research and testing equipment, specializes in the design and research and development of intelligent lock hardware and software products, and has more than 100 independent intellectual property rights. The company has also been named as an intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise in Hefei City. . And sold well throughout the country and exported to Russia, Eastern Europe, Egypt, Indonesia and other countries, praised and trusted by users.


Tianzhi smart lock technology advantages

The power control system of the smart lock is mainly determined by the circuit design of the main board. Tianzhi smart lock has many years of technical accumulation in the smart card door lock low-power technology, and has established a good relationship with the industry's most advantageous supplier in terms of core devices. Cooperation relationship. At the same time, it has its own outstanding algorithm advantages for low-power microwave card recognition. Tianzhi Card Lock is one of the few companies in China that can independently develop low-power sensing systems.


Tianzhi smart lock function advantage

Integrated biometrics, radio frequency technology, and electronic cryptography can be unlocked in a variety of ways. The company's products are mainly used in Texas Instruments and other high-end MCU microcontroller chip, with independent research and development of low-power algorithms and circuit design, can maintain long-term battery life, without frequent battery replacement; at the same time with the recognition speed, unlock the advantages of rapid.


The above is the introduction of the wisdom of the smart lock for everyone to join the advantages, feel like it, there is no heartbeat, from all aspects of view, Tianzhi smart lock is a good smart lock, cost is still relatively high, convenient and practical, Make travel more at ease, a good partner at home!

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