Environmental Protection Saves Money Solar Clave Solar Heater

Save money on environmental protection SolarClave solar heat sterilization pot

Science and technology are constantly improving and constantly facilitating our lives. However, not all high-tech products are suitable for all regions. For example, in remote areas such as Africa, modern high-tech aseptic disinfection products are generally not available for use due to the fact that there is usually no electricity, resulting in very difficult medical conditions in these areas.

According to foreign media reports, a team called TheLittleDevices at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States has invented a simple solar sterilization device. This device is called SolarClave and works like a common pressure cooker. It consists of 140 precision-adjusted retroreflective lenses. By reflecting sunlight, aluminum foil wrapped sterilization pots are quickly heated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (about 120 degrees Celsius). On sunny days, heating to this temperature is 45-60 minutes. Although the time is relatively slow, it is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it does not need to maintain enough firepower like kerosene to achieve a certain degree of automation.

Of course, in order to completely kill the bacteria, SolarClave needs to continue heating for 20 minutes when the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius, and its good sealability can ensure that its internal bacteria are completely eliminated and external bacteria cannot enter.

SolarClave has been proven to improve the medical conditions in poor areas of Africa, and it does not need recharge, which is equivalent to zero-cost maintenance. At the same time, SolarClave is expected to conduct a small-scale test at three sites in Nicaragua this summer. Once it is accepted by a local hospital, it will save many lives.

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