Home improvement tile purchase four strokes have to learn

Floor tiles have always been an indispensable part of house decoration. The paved tiles not only can beautify the living environment, but also make you more convenient in daily care, saving a lot of busy life. The necessary troubles, different brands of floor tiles look bright and bright, attractive, but for the average consumer, it is a bit foggy. The types of floor tiles are colorful and colorful, and can be used in home decoration.

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The first trick to buy floor tiles: choose different floor tiles in different rooms

When selecting a floor tile, it is necessary to choose according to different spaces. The floor tiles are generally divided into two types: glazed tiles and polished tiles. The glazed tiles are characterized by strong anti-slip performance. The more water-resistant anti-skid effect, the better the kitchen and bathroom are wet. It is best to use glazed tiles. Polished tiles are characterized by good wear resistance, no water soaking, etc. Because they are smooth and beautiful, they are better to use in the living room and dining room, and relatively easy to wipe.

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The second measure of floor tile purchase: the relevant parameters of floor tiles can not be ignored

Tile hardness is the most important parameter of tiles, which will directly affect the service life of tiles, especially important. In the purchase, you can use the method of tapping the sound. The sound is crisp and the internal quality is good, and it is not easy to be deformed and broken. The color difference and size can be judged according to the visual judgment. It is possible to check whether the color of a batch of tiles is generally consistent. The pieces are put together, the color difference is small, and the size is regular. Another important parameter is the wear resistance, which is divided into five degrees according to the low to high, and the fifth degree is super wear resistance. Generally, it is not used for home decoration, and the home decoration brick can be selected from one to four degrees. The water absorption rate also determines the use of ceramic tiles. The high water absorption rate of the tiles is low, the brick holes are loose, and it is not suitable for use in places with frequent activities, so as not to be cleaned after water absorption and fouling; the tiles with low water absorption rate are high in density and very High moisture and dirt resistance.

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The third measure of floor tile purchase: we must attach great importance to the paving process

Before paving, the tiles often need to be soaked in clean water for 20-30 minutes, and the water can be filtered before being applied. Before use, check whether the color number and size indicated on the outer packaging are the models ordered by yourself, and whether the bricks of the same color number have defects such as color difference and disconnection. Only use the same color number to make the color uniform. The cement number used for paving should be low, and the thickness of cement should not be too large, generally not more than 5mm. At the time of acceptance, it should be noted that the tiles must be firm, free from cracks, and must be free from skews, missing corners, and no empty drums.

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The fourth measure of floor tile purchase: don't be cheap

Some manufacturers' new branded floor tiles and small manufacturers will fight the crazy price war by lowering production costs. However, tiles take a long time, some are cheap, buy some non-wearable tiles, and the surface of the bricks may be cracked and unsightly after one year. Spend money to re-lay the bricks. The various electric and gas pipelines that have been laid out cannot be easily moved. Secondly, the messy and noisy of the second decoration has disturbed the whole family. The most frightening thing is that these tiles may be quite environmentally unfriendly, so it is recommended that consumers choose ceramic tiles from regular manufacturers.

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