Periwinkle cultivation management method

Periwinkle cultivation management method :

Periwinkle is a positive plant. It requires sufficient sunlight for growth and flowering. It is also good for preventing the plant from growing up. Insufficient sunshine in winter and lower temperatures are not conducive to growth.

Vinca is sensitive to low temperatures, so temperature control is important. In the winter of the Yangtze River Basin, it must be cultivated in protected areas. If it is lower than 15 °C, it will stop growing. If it is lower than 5 °C, it will be frozen. Because periwinkle is more resistant to high temperatures, it is often used in the high temperature seasons such as summer and national holidays in the Yangtze River Basin and South China.

After periwinkle rain, the plants are perishable, and the areas with heavy rainfall need to be planted in greenhouses. The medium needs to be well drained. For fully cultivated, the water-soluble fertilizers of 20–10–20 and 14–0–14 should be used for fertilization. The concentration of ~250ppm was alternately applied once every 7 to 10 days. Reduce the amount of 20–10–20 Fertilizer used when temperatures are low in winter. If the ordinary soil is used as the medium, the compound fertilizer can be mixed as the base fertilizer before the medium is installed in the medium. When the fertility is insufficient, apply water-soluble fertilizer.

In addition to normal fertilizer and water management, Changchun flowers should focus on the prevention and control of topping and stem and leaf rot in the rainy season. The purpose of topping is to promote branching and control flowering. Generally, when 4 to 6 true leaves (8 to 10 cm) start to pick the heart, when the new shoot grows 4 to 6 leaves (15 to 20 days after the first heart removal), the second topping is performed, and the topping is preferably no more than 3. Times (more than 3 times of topping will affect the quality of flowering).

The last heart picking of periwinkle directly affects the flowering period. In general, the final flowering period in the autumn (the national day is 25 days), and the last heart picking in the summer is 3 to 5 days earlier than the autumn. The stem and leaf rot of Changchun flower mainly occurs in the rainy season, and its pathogen is Phytophthora. When the incidence is serious, it causes a large number of deaths, which seriously affects mass production. Chemical control methods: Before the rain, use 65% good living spirit 600 ~ 800 times or 1% equal amount of Bordeaux liquid protection. If the incidence is timely spray 72% gram of dew 600-800 times or 25% Plex 600-800 times, the effect of spraying once a week is better.

Periwinkle can not be taken care of, but in order to obtain a good plant type, it is necessary to pick one or two times. The first time in 3~4 pairs of true leaves; the second time, the new branches leave 1~2 pairs of true leaves. Periwinkle is a perennial herb, so if the finished product is not sold, it can be re-trimmed, and when the customer needs it, the ideal height and plant type can be cultivated. In the cultivation process, a regulator can generally be used, but paclobutrazol cannot be administered.

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