How to design a reasonable restaurant Feng Shui

Feng Shui is invisible, intangible, and mysterious. However, in the thousands of years of home culture in China, people have been convinced of this, so in the home decoration, create a good home Feng Shui, whether it is for the family Wealth, peach blossom, etc. have a lot of help. Then let's take a look at the suggestions of home feng shui experts on your restaurant's Feng Shui layout.

1: The restaurant should not be placed with candles or candlesticks

The restaurant is best decorated in a very warm way, which not only makes people feel appetizing, but also enjoys the warmth of home, but some people like to decorate the restaurant romantically, often placing candles in the restaurant or using candlestick chandeliers. This practice is not a problem in itself, but in terms of Feng Shui, there are some that are not very auspicious. If it is occasionally placed once, it is better not to place it for a long time.

2: The restaurant should be placed with flowers

The flowers not only have a good decorative effect, but also add some vitality to the restaurant, but the flowers placed are best matched with the theme color of the restaurant, or match the five elements of the home owner's life. Of course, some families don't know how to raise flowers. It's very annoying for them to put real flowers, but you can use fake flowers instead, but pay attention to keeping the flowers clean.

3: The restaurant should not be decorated with suffocating and depressed paintings.

Some decorative paintings look full of suffocation, or look very depressed. Such decorative paintings hanging on the background wall of the restaurant will destroy the feng shui of the whole restaurant. The suffocating makes people easy to be violent, the depression is sad, and it is not good for the family. Harmony between members.

4: The restaurant should be placed with Fu Lu Shou or fruit and food drawings

There is no need to say more about Fu Lushou's pictures. This is synonymous with blessing, wealth and longevity. They are very auspicious. Putting fruits and food pictures in the restaurant will not only bring good luck, but also an appetizer. You can put peach, pomegranate and other fruit pictures in the restaurant.

5: The restaurant should not be close to the bathroom

The restaurant is most likely to be located at the bottom of the upstairs bathroom, but this is almost impossible in modern buildings. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to avoiding the proximity of the restaurant to the bathroom, especially the dining table, as far as possible from the bathroom, so as to minimize the impact of the bathroom on the restaurant feng shui.

6: The restaurant should be located between the kitchen and the living room.

Why is the restaurant preferably located between the kitchen and the living room? That is because the general living room and the kitchen are located in the center of the whole house, so the layout can effectively coordinate the whole home feng shui, and the feng shui layout of the restaurant itself is also benefit.

7: The restaurant should not be located in the southwest

Setting the restaurant in the southwest of the home is a taboo for the restaurant. In Feng Shui, the southwest is a black tube for the flying stars, which represents the disease. Therefore, it is most difficult to place the restaurant in the southwest of the house, which has the greatest impact on the health of women at home.

8: The restaurant should be located in the south

The South is not only rich in natural light, it can bring warmth to people, but it also makes the atmosphere of the restaurant more warm and makes the whole family more beautiful. In Feng Shui, the south is a fire, which makes the home fortune even stronger.

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