Fangyuan Group Special Vehicle Equipment Factory Launches “Safe Production Month”

With the gradual and in-depth development of the “Safe Production Month” activities, Fangyuan Group's special vehicle equipment factory has taken new measures to strengthen safety management, improve production management level, formulate systems through safety education, improve processes and other measures, and effectively protect employees. Good health and safety.


Fangyuan Group Special Vehicle Equipment Factory Launches “Safe Production Month”

In accordance with the spirit of the group company meeting, further refine the details of the activities, extensive use of publicity slogans, banners, workshop blackboards, bulletin boards, warning signs and other propaganda methods to create a safe atmosphere, use the workshop early meeting to carry out relevant safety materials and security image publicity, and strengthen And improve employee safety awareness.


Production site

The safety inspection team focused on a comprehensive and careful safety hazard investigation on the test cage, the driving equipment of the workshop, the lifting locks, the hazardous chemicals, and the flood control. The main points of inspection of the electrical cables, hooks, driving gearbox lubrication, safety limiters and other components, and the implementation of the safe operation of the lifting locks, the hidden dangers found require the responsible department to correct within a time limit.


workshop corner

During the “Safe Production Month” event, Fangyuan Group's special vehicle equipment factory also focused on strengthening employees' family life safety and road traffic safety education, comprehensively and effectively strengthening the safety awareness of employees, and promoting safer and more comprehensive management of safety management. The security work of the branch office has taken a step forward.

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