How to reasonably design the interior of the wardrobe to analyze the interior dimensions of the wardrobe

How to rationally design the interior of the wardrobe ? Before the closet was purchased directly as a whole wardrobe, but at that time did not consider whether a reasonable factor, resulting in not practical later, so the popularity of custom wardrobe is inevitable. Then the next Xiaobian for everyone to say how to design a reasonable interior wardrobe , as well as the analysis of the size of the wardrobe design, take a look!

How to design the interior of the wardrobe

1. Young couples: Young people's clothing is more diverse. Therefore, it is usually divided into two separate spaces for men and women. If the room is large, it is best to design a cloakroom directly so that various items can be stored.

2. Older people's wardrobe: Older clothes are not many, so do not need too much wardrobe, but must pay attention to the design of a convenient wardrobe.

3. Children's wardrobe: Children's wardrobe should be considered more, need to take into account the changes that will occur in 5-10, there is not to design drawers or accessories in the height of the child's head to avoid collision accidents.

Analyze the interior design of the wardrobe

1. Consider the ease of use. Generally 650mm or less, can be designed to put small items, 650-1850mm can be used to put seasonal clothing, 1850mm or more can be designed not commonly used items and seasons of clothing, to do cabinet, that 2100mm or more can be designed as a cabinet.

2. The top drawer is less than 1250mm, if the elderly use about to consider about 1000mm, so easy to use, and the height of 150-200mm, the width of 400-800mm; if the door is two sliding doors can not be designed in 1/2 The position is that the three doors cannot be designed in 1/3 and 2/3 positions, otherwise the drawer is not open, and four or more positions do not need to consider the position.

3. The space of the trousers rack should be 650mm, and at least 700mm should be kept using a hanger.

4. The distance between the laminate and the laminate is preferably 400-600mm. It is not easy to put clothes when the laminate is too small or too large.

5. The depth is between 530-620mm, the female depth is the best at 580mm, plus there is a width of 600mm, so putting the clothes is enough.

6. Short clothes, suits have a minimum height of 800mm.

7. The wardrobe is a sliding door, and the position of the sliding door is 75-80mm.

8. The baseboard is 5mm higher than the baseboard of the wall. If you do not know the height of the baseboard, the design is 100mm. If you want to achieve a wall, you can make a suspended ceiling in the upper cabinet. The design of the baseboard can be higher, and the height of the entire cabinet can be controlled within 2400mm, but this is more expensive.

9. If you want to place a dressing mirror in the cabinet, the height should be controlled at 1000-1400mm.

The article concludes: How is the interior design of the wardrobe reasonable ? There is a brief introduction in the content of the article, and there is knowledge about the size design of the interior of the wardrobe. All of the above are also introduced and provided for everyone to learn and refer to. After understanding, everyone can discuss with professional wardrobe designer to customize the most comfortable wardrobe design for you.

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