Tianyi background wall design skills Tianyi background wall design points

When we decorate the living room, we all attach great importance to it. How the decoration of the living room directly affects the aesthetics of the whole home, and the background wall is part of the decoration of the living room, so we pay attention to it when designing. So how much do you know about the design method of Tianyi background wall? Today, the Xiaobian of the decoration home network will come with you to see the design skills of Tianyi background wall and the design points of Tianyi background wall!


Tianyi background wall design skills

1. Size: The size problem is basic, because it determines the room for the TV background wall to play. When setting the wall, not all of them are decorated with a whole wall. It is mainly designed according to the size of the TV. If the small TV is equipped with a large wall, it will appear that the TV is even smaller. When you look at it, you will feel nervous. Of course, if it is a big TV with a small background wall, it will not show the effect, like a layer of TV on the side.

2. Color "TV background wall in the design and decoration, avoid the use of high color difference design, the color should be as light as possible. This will show the clarity of the TV screen, but also in the protection of the eye. High color design because of its own color It is more vivid, so it will also affect the effect of the TV when watching, so that the eyes of the person are always in the color change, and it is easy to fatigue.

3. Material: The decoration material of the TV background wall cannot be made of high-gloss material. Materials such as glass, high-gloss wall tiles or high-gloss mirrors should be avoided. Because the high-gloss background wall will bring too much reflection, which will make people unable to see the electricity.

View the picture. It is the wall that the sun can shine on, and it affects the comfort of viewing when it is reflected.

4. Modeling: The large TV background wall can be curved or three-dimensional, which can make the wall rich and less empty. The small TV background wall is suitable for a straight, smooth design that looks more integrated.

Whether it is a small area or a large area. The TV background wall should not be too complicated, otherwise it will make the room look messy.

Tianyi background wall design points:

1. The viewing position of the living room TV wall

(1) Determining the viewing position is the first step in selecting the location of the video wall. Any wall that is not facing the viewer's position is not suitable for use as a video wall.

(2) You should choose the appropriate viewing distance according to the size of your pre-installed TV, sit on the sofa, straighten your arm, if your hand can just block the TV screen, the distance is right.

(3) After determining the distance of the TV, it is necessary to grasp the height of the TV suspension, which is usually reasonable (or slightly higher) than the eyes.

2, the solidity of the living room TV wall

Although the current LCD, plasma, and LED TVs are very thin, they are quite considerable in weight. Therefore, when constructing a TV wall that will hang a TV, pay attention to its robustness and stability, and prevent it from hanging on a large TV. An accident has occurred.


3, the living room TV wall pipeline preset

(1) Use the pre-embedded PVC pipe to lay the power cable and signal cable to the preset position of the TV.

(2) After the completion of the construction, thoroughly check whether there is any hidden danger in the power socket, and make sure that the grounding is reliable.

(3) The signal line (ie, cable TV radio frequency) should also be grounded reliably to avoid potential difference from the power supply part and prevent fire hazards.

4, the illumination of the living room TV wall

If you are used to turning off the lights to watch TV, Jiuzheng Home Network recommends that you put one or two soft background lights on the TV wall, which can reduce the contrast between the TV screen and the surrounding environment. That is to make the screen of the screen more soft and pleasing to the eye and protect the vision, it can be described as two birds with one stone.

The above is the Tianyi background wall design skills introduced by Xiaobian today and the design of the Tianyi background wall is here. The design of a well-designed wall can make a whole living room decoration half successful! For more information, please stay tuned to the renovation home.

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