The four points of rice paddy spring farming can not be ignored!

Grasping the seedling disinfection before the spring sowing, the spring rodent control, the Qingyuan sweeping and the spring irrigation, and the work of killing and killing the spring, can prevent and control the occurrence of crop pests and diseases in the whole year can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Rice seed disinfection

Seed-borne bacteria is the main source of re-infection of various diseases. Seed disinfection can reduce the spread of diseases and effectively reduce the incidence of diseases in the year, especially for the prevention and treatment of disease.

(1) Directly soak the rice seeds with 25%-500% of the prochloraz cream 2500-3000 times for 36-48 hours. After soaking, the seeds can be directly germinated without washing. (2) Disinfect with 85% strong chlorin solution, first pre-soak the grain with water for 8 to 12 hours, pick up the drip dry water, and soak it in 500 times of strong chlorin dilute solution for 12 hours, rinse with water. Net, then germination sowing in the usual way. It is recommended to use a breathable cloth bag to load seeds during germination. It is forbidden to use germination bags such as plastic bags and snakeskin bags to germination, and wash them 2-3 times a day during germination to keep the seeds moist.

Rice seedbed disinfection

Before planting, the smooth water will be moistened, and then evenly sprayed with 70% dikesone wettable powder or 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 800 times, and then sown, which can reduce the rot of the seedlings. The occurrence of illness and nursery.

Spring rodent

Spring is the peak period of pests and breeding in the agricultural areas. Each village must seize this critical period, and carry out a rodent control before the spring sowing spring, and use the village and village as the unit to uniformly release the rodenticide bait. Promote the rotation of anti-coagulant rodenticides that are highly effective, safe, and free of secondary poisoning, such as enemy sodium Salt, sea-killing ether, and bromadiolone . It is strictly forbidden to use highly toxic rat poisons that are prohibited by the state, such as tetramine and fluoroacetamide.

Spring irrigation

The spring irrigation and mites work is carried out in time before the emergence of the wintering mites of the mites such as the mites and the mites. In the winter idle field, the ploughing field will be irrigated in time, and the running water will be irrigated for 2 to 3 times in the winter green fertility field, which will accelerate the decay of the rice blast and the death of the overwintering insect source, and reduce the base of the insect source.

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