What are the four plans for the decoration of the house to let you read the design drawings

Whether it's just beginning to decorate or someone who is already closing the room, I believe you all know that there are many plans for the renovation of the house. There is a floor plan when buying a house, there are space layout plans when designing, etc. There are too many plans. But do you understand all these figures? Today Xiao Bian came to explain to you what the design drawings of the renovated house are. Let's take a look!

Renovation of a house

As our most common is a floor plan, usually it will have a detailed length and width dimensions, as well as some load-bearing walls, flue ducts, and some annotations of spatial functions. But this is only a basic message, and the reaction is not intuitive enough.

Decoration house design diagram 2 - space layout

Followed by the layout of the space, it will detail how to arrange each space, such as how to put the bed, how much the size of the wardrobe, the door to open the direction and so on. Let us more clearly understand the layout of furniture.

Decoration house design diagram 3---- hand-painted renderings

It is a kind of test of the skill of the designer. It is a quick and concise way to express the design idea and layout effect to the owner when talking with the owner. However, it depicts a general feeling of space, and the specific dimensions need to be determined.

Decoration house design 4 --- 3D renderings

It is the use of computer software, the size of the layout of the space, etc., expressed with a picture, it has a strong sense of three-dimensional, it looks very realistic, is now commonly used in the design of one, of course, 3D renderings are also charged .

Xiaobian's words: Design drawings are indispensable in home improvement. Before the house is renovated, we can use these design drawings to understand the appearance of the future home. It is also possible to make our homes more rational through these design drawings and to improve the utilization of the home. The above is what Xiaobian and everyone introduced the design drawings of the renovated house , I hope you can give us some reference! For more related content, you can pay attention to Qijia Information, and follow-up will show more exciting content!

Decoration house design

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