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There was a bending collapse in the poor load-bearing partition of the wardrobe, and the newly purchased table chair could not help shaking and suddenly “broken leg”... In the life, many consumers have encountered such problems and dangers because of furniture “not strong”. In addition, many consumers have to “try” on the spot in order to verify the level of solidity when purchasing related furniture products. According to people in the industry, with the implementation of the new national standard for the “Mechanical Performance Test of Furniture”, standards such as the strength, durability, and stability of furniture such as tables, chairs and stools, cabinets, and single-layer beds have been adopted. Look at the product's mechanical performance data to see if it is "firm."

Consumer: "The knot is not strong enough to be on the spot test"

For consumers, when purchasing furniture, whether a piece of furniture is solid is the most basic requirement of its choice. Several consumers who are purchasing furniture products are interviewed in many home furnishing markets such as the Yinhe Building Materials Home Furnishing Market in Pinggu District of Beijing and Xinming Home Furnishing. For the stability and weight bearing of furniture products, most of the respondents said that they would look at them. The primary consideration for purchasing furniture products. However, if you choose a more durable furniture product, the respondents said that mainly depends on the thickness of the plate, the weight and workmanship.

“I usually look at the thickness of the table and chair to buy the plates. When I try to get them, I basically know that they are not strong and strong. Those who look at the legs are very thin and the stability is not certain. Especially if the child is not honest at all times, it’s easy to shake and shake. Question; To choose those boards that are thick, 掂 掂 手里 手里 手里 手里 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,. "Before I bought a computer desk, the price was not cheap, but it was not as long as it took to disperse. It was very unstable. I couldn't help but always leaned against it. It was very dangerous. Now I have to buy furniture first and I have to try it myself. If you feel at the time of purchase is loose or shaken, it will be more obvious if you use it for some time,” said Zhang Yi, another consumer in the home city.

Business: "Big Brand", "Strict Acceptance" Guarantee

It has been learned that for most consumers, the easiest way to test whether furniture is solid is to try it out. So how do you choose a more solid and stable furniture product for the merchants who sell furniture products? Later, the reporter consulted with a number of different brands of furniture sales staff, although each of the businesses interviewed said that their products were "not "Problems," but the criteria and reasons for different businesses are different for how to choose a more solid and stable furniture product.

“We use composite sheets, which are inherently more durable, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, and more stable than normal particleboards.” Mr. Huo, a dark horse furniture salesman, said that the furniture sold by the store was in the factory. After a rigorous testing program, including various types of load-bearing, impact resistance performance testing, "after-sales evaluation has been very good, there are many patrons to patronize." "Other brands of the table, the thickness of the legs are 9 to 11 cm Yes, my family is 12 centimeters or more." Another salesman of Run-Lin furniture said that because the brand of the brand is thicker, it is better than the similar furniture products with thinner plates, regardless of the firmness or durability of the furniture.

Insiders: New national standard data

On June 3, when calling the National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee, a staff member of the agency said in an interview that, in fact, whether the furniture products are durable and durable, how much weight they can withstand, how much resistance they can resist, and the thickness and feel of the plates alone. Can't make judgments. The most accurate conclusion can only be reached by testing through the general technical standards of mechanics. “In the furniture market, the difficulty in presenting quality problems has always been a difficult problem. The implementation of this new standard is precisely aimed at the furniture that consumers are most concerned about: 'solid and not strong', such as the strength and durability of tables, the stability of chairs, The strength and durability of the stool, the stability of the cabinet, the strength and durability of the single bed, and the stability of the table are all reflected."

“In fact, the mechanical requirements for furniture were previously scattered among other relevant standards, but the year was earlier. With the development of the furniture industry has not kept pace with the needs of the market and consumers, this time the national standard was updated to meet the furniture industry. The development status and new requirements, so the original standards have been updated.” The relevant person of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center stated that consumers are choosing a more solid and more stable furniture and will no longer need to "Individual experimentation" also eliminates the need to discern various promotions from businesses. The relevant test results and data will accurately reflect the corresponding performance to meet consumer demand for product quality.

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