How to plant potted strawberries? Potted strawberry planting method

Method of planting potted strawberries:

1. Selection and potting

The selection of potted strawberries and the use of potting soil are very particular. A group of good varieties should be selected, and the results can be flowered many times throughout the year. The soil should be selected as the soil with higher biomass. The best choice for the pot is 20 A ceramic basin of -30cm is the best.

2. Planting techniques:

Potted strawberries are generally not limited by time. Beans can be used all year round, but it is best to carry out in autumn. Choose strong seedlings. When starting seedlings, bring more soil, remove old leaves, and cut the roots of seedlings to about 10cm. Let the roots be planted well in the soil, as long as the depth of the planting is not exposed. After planting, water it, pour it out, place it in a cool place for 3-5 days, then move to a well-lit area.

3. Fertilizer management

The management of potted strawberry fertilizer is generally very simple, because it can be flowered many times a year, so you can keep enough fertilizer, usually once a week. It is best to use warm water for watering, and not to use cold water for watering.

4. Planting management

Potted strawberries must be planted and managed properly, and the appropriate buds, leaves, and pickles of the vines. Keep the gap between the plants, do not block the sunlight, have good light transmission, in order to promote the better growth of potted strawberries.

5. Change the basin

Potted strawberries are usually replaced after 2 years of results. When changing pots, the plants should be removed from the pots and the old bad roots should be removed and loaded into new pots.

6. Temperature and humidity

Generally, the temperature of the potted strawberry is the highest at 20-25 degrees, and the winter temperature is maintained at about 15 degrees. Pots should generally be placed in a place that is ventilated to the sun, so that the pots are kept moist.

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