Chen Huiren: Announcement on the overall preparation of CIMT2017

Abstract Dear guests, journalists and friends in the press, ladies and gentlemen: Good morning everyone! The 15th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2017), hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association and co-hosted by China International Exhibition Center Group, will...
Distinguished guests, journalists and friends in the press, ladies and gentlemen:

good morning guys!
The 15th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2017), hosted by China Machine Tool Industry Association and co-hosted by China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, will be held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing on April 17-22, 2017 (New Pavilion). At that time, as the most important world machine tool event of the year, CIMT2017 will once again attract global attention.
First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the China Machine Tool Industry Association and the co-organizer China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, to express my warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the journalists who participated in today's press conference! Next, we will introduce you to the exhibitions that are very concerned about the industry inside and outside the industry.
Since its inception in 1989, China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) has been expanding in scale, brand status and cooperation with the careful cultivation of the organizers, the enthusiastic support and active participation of exhibitors from all over the world, and the cooperation of relevant partners and industry colleagues. The industry's influence has been continuously improved, and it has become one of the four most influential international exhibitions in the world's machine tool industry. The exhibition is not only a grand event to showcase the world's advanced manufacturing technology and machine tool products, but also an important platform to promote Sino-foreign technology exchange, progress and cooperation. It is also the best window to understand the changes in China's largest machine tool consumer market demand.
After the industry market demand continued to decline, the CIMT2017 exhibition was still hot, and the world-renowned machine tool companies all participated in the exhibition. The booth area was tight and one was difficult to find. This also confirmed the strong brand position and industry influence of CIMT exhibition from one aspect. Force, especially the huge appeal of the Chinese machine tool consumer market.
The theme of this exhibition is “New Demand, New Supply, New Power”. This theme accurately and vividly reflects the characteristics of China's machine tool industry market and industry development, reflecting the industry development background of CIMT2017.
2017 is a crucial year for China's supply-side structural reforms to deepen. Under the background of weak international economic recovery and domestic economic kinetic energy transformation, China's machine tool industry is facing an unprecedented new environment, new challenges and new opportunities.
At present, the demand for the Chinese machine tool market has undergone significant changes, and the new market features of the demand reduction and the accelerated acceleration of the demand structure have become more apparent. The main direction of the demand structure upgrade can be summarized into three aspects, namely, automated package, customized order and general shift upgrade.
The rapid upgrade of user demand in the Chinese market has also presented new challenges for global machine tool companies and brought new opportunities. In the face of new market demand changes, industry companies grasp the trend of technology development, adjust their business strategies in a timely manner, start from the supply side, dig deep into customer needs, research and develop related products, and thus gain new development momentum. The upcoming CIMT2017 exhibition will showcase the new look of the machine tool industry through the latest technology product display, and vividly interpret the rich content of the exhibition theme “New Demand, New Supply, New Power”.
At today's press conference, we will mainly introduce the following three aspects: first, the exhibition hall, exhibitors and exhibits; second, the international exchanges and industry activities during the exhibition; third, the exhibition's various guarantees and services .

I. Exhibition halls, exhibitors and exhibits
CIMT2017 will use all 8 indoor exhibition halls (E 1-4, W1-4) of Beijing·China International Exhibition Center (New Hall), and build 8 temporary exhibition halls (E5-12) on the east side of the exhibition hall. The total area reached 131,000 square meters (same level as the previous session). Up to now, more than 1,600 machine tool industry manufacturers from 28 countries and regions have signed up for the exhibition, including 839 overseas exhibitors and 800 domestic exhibitors, with an exhibition area of ​​about 50%. Manufacturers of well-known machine tool tools from all over the world will bring their latest technology and products to the market. Among them, 12 countries and regions such as Germany and the United States will participate in the exhibition.
In order to ensure the participation and exhibition effect of exhibitors and visitors to the greatest extent, and focus on the hot products technology of the industry, on the basis of the previous exhibition, the organizers of the exhibition have further optimized the design planning: adhere to the professional layout; take the country The exhibition group is combined with the exhibition and exhibition of exhibits; some small industries implement mixed exhibitions at home and abroad. Industrial robots and automation equipment exhibition area, metal forming machine tools and laser processing machine tool exhibition areas, as well as tools, fixtures and tool grinding areas were established. At the same time, market-oriented, adjust the structure of exhibits, and appropriately increase the exhibition area of ​​laser processing and industrial robots.
According to the latest statistics, the level of exhibits and the coverage of varieties and specifications of this exhibition are all innovative. Tens of thousands of exhibits include the main product categories of the main chain, such as mainframes, functional components, numerical control systems, measuring instruments, machine tools, and cutting tools and accessories. Among them, the main products include metal cutting, metal forming, gear processing, special processing and other equipment.

The exhibits can be summarized as the following four aspects:
One is digital manufacturing and solutions. Facing the arrival of the digital manufacturing era, the global machine tool industry has launched a series of new technologies and new products, which will be displayed in this exhibition. These technologies and products have realized the transformation of CNC systems from “machine controllers” to “digital manufacturing controllers”, which have changed from “manufacturing machines” to “digital units”.
The second is smart technology. The intelligent technology of machine tools has reached the height that traditional control technology has never achieved in terms of quality, efficiency, efficiency and safety. In recent years, many advances and achievements in machine tool intelligent technology will be fully demonstrated in this exhibition.
The third is efficiency and automation. Efficiency and automation are important signs of machine performance. The high-efficiency and automation products brought together in this exhibition, including stand-alone, production unit, production line, various automation components, automatic instrumentation components, etc., have excellent cost performance and fully demonstrate the outstanding innovation and manufacturing capabilities of the global machine tool manufacturing industry. .
The fourth is specialization. Many unique and professional exhibits at the exhibition have a clear market positioning and profound professional expertise, which can be applied to market segments that are multi-industry and multi-field. Many exhibits are also equipped with professional application software, which further enhances the technical heritage of the product and promotes the full play of machine performance.

2. International exchanges and industry activities during the exhibition
In order to fully meet the needs of exhibitors of different types and levels, the organizers of the exhibition organized a variety of theme activities to provide more services for exhibitors and visitors.

1. CEO International Forum
On the morning of April 16, the organizer of the exhibition, China Machine Tool Industry Association, will hold the “2017 International Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing CEOs” in Beijing. The forum will invite a number of CEOs from well-known global industry companies to give speeches. More than 100 global industry entrepreneurs, user domain entrepreneurs and some experts, scholars and media reporters will attend the forum.

2. International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Conference
On the afternoon of April 16, the organizer of the exhibition, China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association, will organize the “International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Reporting Conference” in Beijing. This is the first time the association has held such a report during the exhibition. At that time, experts from well-known enterprises at home and abroad and relevant organizations will introduce the latest developments of some advanced hot manufacturing technologies.

3. Focus on domestic CNC machine tool application forum
Sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, the China Machine Tool Industry Association and the China Peaceful Use of Military Technology Association will host the 2017 Key Fields of CNC Machine Tool Application Symposium on April 17 It was held in Beijing on the 18th. The conference will release recommended products, special results, and demand guides, and visit the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2017) and CNC machine tool major special exhibition activities to investigate the latest development of CNC machine tools industry at home and abroad.

4. "Window of the College" special exhibition area
In order to promote the technical exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and research institutes, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, this exhibition will continue to set up a special exhibition area of ​​“window of colleges”. The exhibition area is located in the north of the gallery's east corridor. Some domestic institutions such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Tianjin University will each show their cutting-edge and practical machine tools, tools and manufacturing process technologies.

5. International Management Symposium
The China Machine Tool Industry Association will hold an "International Business Symposium" on the morning of April 19. The conference aims to enable industry enterprises to promote transformation and upgrading and enhance brand influence through the implementation of multinational business strategies, and to build a platform for enterprises to conduct overseas M&A exchanges. On the basis of introducing relevant experience and related laws and policies of mergers and acquisitions, this conference has added a lot of content such as capacity transfer and international operation. At that time, international experts and government authorities will be invited to introduce relevant information.

6. Annual "Top Ten Industry" and Top 30 Evaluation Results of the Industry
In 2016, the “Top Ten Independent Innovation” and “Top Ten Product Quality” assessments for the machine tool industry were officially launched in early August 2016. After enterprise declaration, basic condition review, user site verification and research, expert review and scoring, media publicity, etc. The program, the final result will be announced at the award ceremony held at CIMT2017. At that time, the results of the top 30 evaluations of the machine tool industry in 2016 will also be announced.

7. National Association of Machine Tool Association Leaders (Networking Party)
On April 19th, the National and Machine Tool Association Leaders Networking Party will be held in Beijing. More than 20 representatives from 16 national and regional machine tool associations are expected to attend the meeting. The conference will exchange the production, consumption and market conditions of machine tools in various countries and regions. After the meeting, about 100 people will be exchanged, including those from overseas machine tool associations, CCPIT and exhibition companies.

8. CNC machine tool special results show
Entrusted by the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Machine Tool Industry Association will hold the 7th CNC Machine Tool Special Achievements and Application Exhibition at the same time. The exhibition area is located on the south side of the gallery's east corridor. This special exhibition mainly promotes and demonstrates the achievements of the industry in basic research and high-tech product development, as well as the application cases in key areas, in the form of graphic and text, to promote the special results products in more key areas. Promote the application.

9. Technical exchange lecture
Up to now, the organizers have received 97 technical exchange lectures declared by 57 enterprises, of which 59 are declared by overseas enterprises and 38 are domestic enterprises.

Third, the exhibition's various guarantees and service work 1. Information service
Thanks to the unremitting efforts of the organizers, the information service level of this exhibition has been upgraded. Exhibitors can submit the exhibitor's manual through the network; viewers can pre-register through the network, WeChat, SMS and other means to achieve efficient entry; completed the redesign of the official website of the exhibition. At the same time, the communication facilities of the exhibition hall were upgraded and upgraded, and the mobile phone calls and Internet access signals were expanded. There was a paid WIFI connection in the login hall and the corridor.

2. Media Services
We have a "News Center" in the pavilion. The news center will set up the necessary hardware devices such as Internet access and fax, and provide the latest publicity information to facilitate the media's friends' publicity and reporting work. The news center will also accept exhibitors' contributions, and publish the latest information on exhibitions and exhibits in the websites hosted by China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association, WeChat, and Exhibition News.

3. Security, fire, and safety supervision
In order to ensure the fire safety of the exhibition security, the main contractor, under the guidance and supervision of the public security, fire protection and safety supervision departments of Beijing, deployed the construction, construction and evacuation of the museum according to relevant regulations.

4. Traffic
The main contractor will arrange a free shuttle bus to the New National Exhibition. The starting point is “Tiantongyuan North Station”. Visitors can take the No. 5 line and get off at Tiantongyuan North Station. Exit from Exit B and turn left for about 30 meters to the starting point of the shuttle.

5. Catering and living reception
After many parties' coordination and efforts, the conditions of accommodation and catering around the pavilion have been improved one after another. At the same time, some dining spots and free water stations will be added to the pavilion to provide more convenient living reception services.
Dear guests and friends in the press: Since its establishment, CIMT has grown together with the Chinese machine tool industry and has played a positive role in promoting the progress and development of China's machine tool industry.
At present, the state regards the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, promotes the construction of national intelligent manufacturing demonstration zones and manufacturing innovation centers, and deeply implements industrial strong bases and major equipment special projects, vigorously develops advanced manufacturing industries, and promotes Chinese manufacturing to move toward medium and high-end. China's machine tool industry is also in the critical stage of transformation and upgrading, with both opportunities and challenges. We have reason to believe that with the care, guidance and support of relevant government departments, with the enthusiastic participation of Chinese and foreign exhibitors, and with the close cooperation of partners, CIMT will better witness the history of China's machine tool industry from large to strong. process. CIMT2017 will welcome the world's guests with a new look.
We also warmly welcome all journalists and friends to actively promote, interview and report on this CIMT exhibition. I wish all journalists friends good health and work well!
Welcome friends from all walks of life in China and abroad to gather in Beijing in April to visit the 15th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2017)!

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