The value of lobular rosewood collection, what kind of lobular rosewood collection is more valuable

In the era of playing the literary world, the wooden bracelet lobular rosewood has been ranked first in sales. As one of the most respected beaded materials, the lobular rosewood is rich in variety and variety, so that the personality preferences of different genders, ages and levels can be satisfied, so there will definitely be Tibetan friendship. What kind of lobular rosewood has collection value , what kind of leaflet The value of red sandalwood collection is higher. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you how to correctly collect lobular rosewood.

1 full of gold stars

Everyone knows that the Venus of the lobular rosewood is simple. It is the bovine hair and brown eyes of the lobular rosewood. During the growth, minerals appear. After oxidation and purple, you can see the red sandalwood. The more Venus, the higher its price, the top price of Venus is over 10,000 yuan, tens of thousands....... Venus is a rare quality of lobular rosewood, Venus's material market is not much, especially the top is full. Venus is hard to find! Money is fortunate enough to collect a sturdy full of Venus, you can press the bottom of the goods!

2 tumor 樱 (Sakura )

The tumor category has always been the first choice for collection. It is always the goal of many players to have a gorgeous and colorful tumor bracelet. The texture of the tumor is almost certainly the wild leaflet. The top of the tumor, 360-degree full of tumors is even rarer, and the transaction price has repeatedly hit new highs. At present, the tumors on the market are the hottest category of collections. If you have the money, you can consider the top tumors and rhododendron bracelets.

3 water waves

The water ripple is a very personal style of texture, which looks like a stone thrown in a calm lake, forming a circle of water waves under the sunlight. The water wave has gentian water waves and lightning waves, and the subdivision is divided into large surface waves and small surface ripples. There is a saying that the density of the water droplets of the lobular rosewood is not good, this statement is not completely correct, some water wave density is relatively poor, but some materials are good water waves, the density is absolutely first-class, the same is the first collection, so everyone collects The quality of water waves depends on the specific situation.

4 fish scales (dragon scales)

Fish scales are extremely rare species of lobular rosewood. They are characterized by delicate handfeel, high density, texture like fish scales, layered layers, hence the name. The scales of the fish scales are closely arranged, giving the impression of a fluorescent bottom. The brown eyes are small and account for less than one thousandth of the lobular rosewood. The scale of the fish scale is good, the material is good, the oily foot is good, the play is beautiful, and it is also the object that many players like to collect.

5 spiral gold stars

Due to natural factors, the texture of the lobular rosewood is different, and the spiral Venus is one of the qualities. The formation of spiral Venus is the quality that trees can grow in harsh environments. Its density is very good, Venus is cool, and the collection feels heavy and is a favorite collection!

6 rare textures

Rare textures are mainly a mixture of several qualities! For example, tumors plus Venus, tumors plus spiral stars, tumors plus water waves, tumors plus scales or tumors + water waves + scales + spiral Venus and so on. This kind of good texture quality has also become the best goods, and the collection value is high. It's not that this kind of texture is extremely rare in the market. You guys have to open their eyes to prevent other bad businesses from being deceived.

The above is the relevant content of the collection value of the lobular rosewood. I have introduced it to this. After reading so many introductions, the Tibetan friends know what kind of lobular rosewood has the collection value , and the heart is not as good as action, want to know more information. , stay tuned for GO Jiaju

Source: GO good home

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