What causes the uneven surface and uneven color of FRP gratings?

The appearance of FRP gratings has brought great convenience to people. The strong corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic insulation, natural anti-theft, weather resistance, load-bearing, lightness, processability, and easy openability of FRP gratings are sufficient. Supplementary steel grids have shortcomings and shortcomings. Therefore, where GRP gratings have many obvious advantages and can meet environmental requirements, they gradually replace steel gratings and maximize its role. Such as the marine area, hot and humid rust-prone areas, high-altitude areas exposed, easily corroded areas, such as electroplating plants, chemical plants, cooling towers, docks, power plants and sewage treatment plants.

The unevenness of the surface of the steel grating may be due to technical operation reasons. In terms of operation technology, if the glass fiber yarn can be evenly distributed, then there is a problem with the resin, such as the thinner is added, resulting in the viscosity of the resin. Larger, so it is very easy to cause solidification. In the mix of raw materials must be more than the heart, must be strictly in accordance with the relevant standards to add a variety of additives, adjuvants.

In terms of operation technology, some businesses will reduce the number of glass fiber yarns and increase the efficiency in order to speed up production. However, if the number of glass fiber yarns is reduced, the performance of FRP steel gratings will not meet the requirements, and the surface will Uneven distribution occurs. Pulling the yarn is a meticulous task that requires the operator to be very careful and the yarn needs to have a certain sequence of operations.

The last step of the steel grating is to heat the FRP grating to shape it. If the temperature is not enough when it is heated, it will cause the solidification speed of the grating to slow down. This will have a certain impact on the overall stability if the internal Without sufficient solidification, the surface will be pitted.

The basic colors of FRP gratings are: yellow, green, gray, red, blue, black, natural colors.

The dust left by the FRP grating when cutting and grinding, if it is the dust left when cutting, can remove the dust on the surface by washing with water, so the color can be restored to normal.

When the steel gratings were subjected to the final process, the surface paint was not completely dry due to the paint surface. If the surface paint is not dry, then after the paint on the surface is completely dry, the color unevenness naturally disappears. This is usually the case in the winter, when the sun is sunny enough.

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