Solvent-free environmentally friendly PU waterproof coating

It is a two-component liquid coating formed by the reaction of isocyanate and polyhydroxy compound. The paint is applied to the waterproof base surface for 5 hours to dry, and the rubber elastomer with strong adhesion is naturally formed in about 24 hours, and the curing time can be shortened by the catalyst, and it can be firmly penetrated and adhered to the waterproof base layer. Forms a dense, fully enclosed, corrosion resistant waterproof layer. Due to the innovation of the process formula in the production process, neither coal tar nor xylene solvent is used, so it does not contain polluting volatiles and the solid content reaches 100%. The product has high bonding strength, strong abrasion resistance, good weather resistance, corrosion resistance against acid and alkali and chemical solvents, waterproof and moisture insulation, heat insulation, edge resistance, anti-aging, texture flexibility, elasticity and stability. And other comprehensive features.

In the construction process, non-woven fabrics and glass cloths can be used together to enhance the toughness by increasing the thickness. The construction surface is smooth and smooth, and it is integrated with the building and has a decorative effect. The products can be widely used in roofing and basement of textile machinery, petrochemical, electric metallurgy, urban construction and civil defense industries with high requirements for waterproof and anti-corrosion conditions, as well as building waterproofing, chemical anti-corrosion, cold storage, sports and entertainment grounds, etc. Waterproof and anticorrosive new materials.

Non-Standard Fastener

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