Kindergarten murals which are required to choose what paint to paint more suitable

Many people saw the first reaction of kindergarten murals to know that it was a kindergarten. The theme given to them was very clear. It was very different from other murals. Kindergartens had some special requirements for frescoes. This is also different. What are the requirements for kindergarten fresco ? What kind of paint is more suitable for painting?

I. What are the requirements of kindergarten murals ?

1, requires a beautiful scene

Kindergarten wall murals should be based on the theme of cheerful and lively animals or vibrant plants. This will help children learn to understand these animal and plant knowledge. It can be an animation of childlike interest, or it can be a story of some fables. Like a small cockroach looking for a mother or a Pooh bear.

2, requires a contour beauty

The shape of the fresco should pay attention to the outline and dynamics, and it does not need to be very delicate and excessively focus on the sense of realism. The dynamics are the key, so that the expression can exercise the imagination of the children, and the shape is simple and easy to understand.

3, require simple color beauty

Kindergarten murals require simple colors, that is, they cannot have too complex tonal changes. The simple color helps the children's cognition, so long as the simple color combination is sufficient, the color blocks must be coordinated and rich. Create a vibrant and lively atmosphere for young children.

4, require the composition of the overall beauty

The murals require the composition to be complete. Especially when expressing a scene, it is necessary to express the surrounding things. If there are paintings, we must paint the grass. If there is a blue sky, there will be no sun or white clouds. This is in accordance with nature.

Second, choose what paint to paint more suitable

1, acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is most suitable for murals, bright colors, water will not fade, will not change color in case of light, full color is good, the key is non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, it is suitable for standing in kindergarten, acrylic is also a wall The special paint for painting is very wear-resistant, but it requires the wall surface to be flat, otherwise the effect is not so good.

2, paint pigment

Paint pigments are also suitable for mural painting, but the paints drawn by nursery murals must be environmentally friendly paint pigments. Although the hue is inferior to acrylic paints, they are still suitable for use in kindergarten interior walls. Choose Dabao, Garboli, Beautiful Door, Dulux and other brand paints. Do not choose too bright colors when using. You can apply a warm primer on the paint first.

Editor's Note: The above is about the requirements of nursery murals and the selection of pigments. Kindergarten is a place for children to learn and live. Therefore, they are unique in design and decoration and play a key role in the growth of children. Also the choice of pigments needs to be very suitable.

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