What is the functional feature of the vertical swing gate?

1) Can be connected with a variety of card reading equipment, receiving relay switch signal work.
2) External switch button or remote control to achieve one-way or two-way control.
3) With automatic reset function, when the swing arm is opened, it will automatically close after a certain delay (delay points 2S, 5S, 10S, 60S adjustable).
4) Mechanical anti-clamping: Mainly rely on the rational design of the machine's own machine to achieve mechanical anti-clamping. When the human body or objects obstruct the operation of the swing arm, the system will automatically detect and stop the operation. The swing arm's swing force is small and will not hurt. People or things.
5) Humane self-protection:
A. When the body or object obstructs the operation of the swing arm, the system continuously detects 1-5 times, each time for 5 seconds. If the obstacle is not released, the system will automatically stop in the normally closed state. At this time, some devices are in the dormant state, effectively avoiding Burn out the original device. When receiving the next valid pass command, the system automatically returns to normal.
B. When the system cannot detect the reset signal normally (that is, the swing arm hits the chassis), the system automatically detects 1-5 times, each time for 5 seconds. If the reset signal cannot be detected, the swing arm will automatically return to the normal lock state. (This protection function explains: Even if the reset photocouple is damaged, the system can still use it, and the circuit or motor will not burn out.)
6) Switching speed 0.8-2 seconds adjustable: divided into 16 stalls, according to the requirements of free adjustment switch brake speed.
7) Normally open, normally closed adjustable: You can easily switch between normally open and normally closed modes via external buttons or remote control.
8) Normally open after power off, the system will automatically let the swing arm open when the power is turned off, and the direction of swing arm opening is adjustable.
9) High-brightness indicator: It can be clearly visible under daylight or sunlight.
10) Humanized traffic instructions: Normally not illuminated, the green arrow flashes when someone is legally passing, and goes out automatically when the traffic is completed.
11) Swing arm synchronously adjustable (for double pendulum situation).

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