He is married in "There are children and children", what are you waiting for?

"There are children and children" has been popular on the screen, Xiaoxue is smart and cute, Liu Xing is a ghost, and Xiaoyu is a cute baby. After more than ten years, I wonder if you still remember Liu Xing’s buddy "keyboard" in the drama? On August 22, some netizens broke the news through Weibo, saying that “keyboard” Sheng Guansen got the marriage and exposed the marriage certificate of the two.

On August 22nd, some netizens broke the news on the microblog that "the family has children" female "keyboard" star Sheng Guansen marriage certificate. The name and photo of the marriage certificate were all mosaiced and the identity was a mystery. However, the three words of Sheng Guansen were on the same page. The date of the certificate was “August 22, 2016”. After the news was exposed, many netizens sent blessings, and some netizens said: "Very vaguely remember that fat keyboard, blessing!" Sina Entertainment learned that Sheng Guansen has indeed obtained the marriage, and will also hold a wedding, but the company does not Willing to respond.


Sheng Guansen, born in 1993, was one of Liu Xing’s “dead parties” when he played the keyboard in the TV series “Children and Children”. Although there were not many plays in the play, the chubby look was familiar and remembered by the audience. , and the previous model contrast is quite large. The 23-year-old Sheng Guansen’s recent marriage certificate was exposed, and the audience and fans were exclaimed: “My childhood was married.”


Yeah, your childhood is getting married. What are you waiting for? Ok, maybe you are the same as Go Jiaju.com, waiting for someone who can get married...·····

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Your childhood is getting married, what are you still hesitating?

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